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25 May – Rally of Journalists’ Solidarity in Tbilisi - 12:00

25 May 12 p.m, a rally of journalistic solidarity will be held in front of the Ministry of Justice inTbilisi(24aGorgasali Street). 

Rally of Journalists’ Solidarity will be held with whistles.  Rally participants request immediate investigation of the facts of oppression of journalists and bringing to justice of authorities who have interfered with professional journalistic activity, have attacked and physically and verbally insulted journalists and have detained them illegally. 

“20 facts of oppression of journalists have taken place during last two months.  Government refuses to investigate the given facts.  None of the authorities have been brought to justice.  If you are journalist and believe that your rights are being violated; if you think that facts of oppression of your colleagues must be investigated; Join Us!  Lets protect our rights together! Let’s request investigation of these facts together1 Express solidarity!,” the statement reads. 

A statement by Georgian media organizations and journalists will be circulated at the rally in which they call on the President of Georgia to fulfill responsibility by Georgian legislation and insure safety of journalists during their professional work.  Rally participants will also provide detail information to international organizations about the facts of oppression of journalists and violation of their rights.  







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