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IREX announces an open competition for Georgian regional TV and radio outlets within the framework of the Georgian Media Partnership Program (GMPP). The program is funded by the U.S. Embassy in Georgia through the Public Affairs Section and has been implemented by IREX since 2010. 

The Georgian Media Partnership Program (GMPP) supports Georgian media’s professional development by creating and fostering long-term professional relationships between Georgian and U.S. media outlets via professional exchanges, individual consulting and sharing of best practices that will result in improved journalistic, technological, and business management practices among the Georgian partners.

The aim of the competition is to select two Georgian regional TV stations and one Georgian regional radio station to participate in a partnership program with two U.S. television stations and one radio station. IREX will partner each selected Georgian broadcaster with a U.S. counterpart to form strong, collegial and lasting relationships. Each selected TV station will send eight employees to the U.S. for two, week-long internships and intensive one-on-one consultations with their U.S. partner TV stations (four representatives per each partnership visit). The selected radio station will send four employees to the US for one week-long partnership visit.

In return, four experts from each U.S. partner TV outlet will travel to Georgia (two for each of two trips to the Georgian TV partners) and two experts from the U.S. radio partner will travel to Georgia once. They will conduct trainings and on-site consultations, and strengthen Georgian regional broadcasters as businesses and as news organizations. These reciprocal visits will develop strong relationships and foster innovative ideas over the course of 10 months, and enhance the Georgian partners’ skills in the following areas:  

- Business management - including, but not limited to - advertising, sales, distribution and human resources;

- Journalism - including, but not limited to - community journalism, investigative reporting, audience interaction and coverage of local political, economic and social issues important in the community;

- New technologies - including, but not limited to - website development, mobile communications, and video and audio streaming software.

Furthermore, IREX will work closely with the Georgian partners to engage them in peer-to-peer knowledge exchanges and form professional networking relationships.

Eligibility Requirements: The competition is open to Georgian regional TV and radio outlets which:

- Possess a valid broadcasting license;

- Produce local news programming for a wide or particularly important (niche, minority) audience - production of talk shows, investigative journalism features or other locally produced programming is a plus;

- Are willing to learn and introduce new experiences and practices gained from the partnership into their business practices, and share them with their co-workers through peer-to-peer trainings and roundtable meetings;

- Demonstrate a commitment to the Georgian Media Partnership Program and are eager to develop a long-term relationship with the U.S. partner;

- Agree to provide written reports after each partnership visit and submit regular feedback about achieved progress.

Please note that knowledge of the English language is not required. Interpretation and translation services will be provided both in Georgia and in the United States.

If your outlet satisfies the requirements listed above and is interested in the program, please complete the attached application form according to the instructions. Application forms are also available on the IREX website and the U.S. Embassy website. Hard copies can be obtained at the IREX Georgia office.

To apply: please deliver hard copies of all required materials to the IREX Georgia office, located at: 6 K. Marjanishvili st., 3rd floor, Tbilisi. Video and audio files can be submitted on a CD or flash drive together with the hard copy of the application.

Applications must be received no later than December 25, 2013, 4 p.m. Applications sent or delivered later than the due date and time will not be considered.

Please be sure to keep a copy of your completed application for your own records as submitted applications and documentation will not be returned to the applicants.

Representatives of IREX and the U.S. Embassy will conduct an Open Door Day on December 10, at 2 p.m. in the IREX office for regional broadcasters interested in applying for GMPP. Media outlets willing to attend this event should e-mail the name/last name of the person(s) coming to the Open Door Day on their behalf to by COB on December 9.

For additional information please contact us during working hours at: +99532 2 912 608 or +995 599 387 282. 







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