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Tamar Karelidze

Nobel Prize, Public Team and Their Nominee on My Mind

31.01.2013 12:01

Like the majority of the generation of the 1990s, due to the lack of electricity, television was an exotic way of entertainment. We used to have an ancient TV set Iveria with the only First Channel available on, and that with a horrible transmission quality.

I remember the programs of those times, and, despite age, the topics covered as well. Nato Oniani’s Time Out, Mark Rivkin’s Novosti and Basti Bubu (my favorite), also Irma Inashvili’s programs which , rather surprisingly, covered economics-related issues. While the greater majority of the population was starving we have been told that the Georgian economy was gradually developing, enterprises were being opened, and Baku-Tbilisi- Ceyhan (BTC) pipeline being constructed to help us prosper… Neither Eduard Shevardnadz’s role was represented in a potty manner.

Then Irma Inashvili disappeared from the TV screen. At the TV staff’s rally, protesting dismissal from the First Channel, she caught my eye. Later on she set up media union Obiektivi and I don’t think she would ever cross my mind again if no that notorious prisoner abuse video and Irma Inashvili’s role in it, based on piles of bizarre statements, remaining yet unclear to me.

Georgians are often said to be absent-minded. Hard to cast doubts on it when seeing a grand meeting held at the airport to greet her arriving fromBrussels. Many do still remember her face tearful with happiness; that is not everything though. A Group of Georgian Statesmen decided to nominate Irma Inashvili, alongside PM Bidzina Ivanishvili, for the Nobel Peace Prize for the release of the prisoner abuse video. The initiative has been signed by MP Otar Chrdileli, political scientists Alexander Rusetski and Kakha Kakhishvili and others.

Frankly speaking the release of the prisoner abuse film was a way more conducive to the victory of the Georgian Dream coalition rather than peace making. And that is considered by some of the initiators as the deed deserving Nobel Prize, I wonder though how can be the victory of any political force be proportional to the guarantee of peace.

Moreover, this team nominated Bidzina Ivanishvili too. This very fact made me suspiciously recollect the events from few years ago. Mikheil Saakashvili was then nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. 

A part of the society, especially middle aged population, believes that these people deserve Nobel. Very unfortunately, unlike 7-8-year-old kids, they cannot remember Irma Inashivili’s programs on the First Channel but today the Obiektivi TV air is dedicated to former Mkhedrioni member Dodo Gugeshashvili to talk over spirituality and the leader of Neutral Georgia party Valeri Kvaratskhelia is telling us about Golden Section. I think that’s quite enough to have a general idea but I am sure these people remember neither Gugeshashvili’s past nor they care about Kvaratskhelia’s fragile pro-Russian orientation. The Obiektivi employees virtually find it impossible for a journalist to refrain from expressing his/her stance. In regard to neutrality and internationally recognized code of conduct of journalists Inashvili refers to as “hideous standards” introduced in the 1990s and most likely due to her vision of journalist’s profession she, in her exclusive interview, confided to Ivanishvili who she had voted for.


P.S. By the way the aforementioned group of public figures should not have missed Vladimir Bedukadze out in the list of nominees. He is the one having contributed a great deal to publicizing the prisoner abuse film but he seemingly happened to find himself beyond the list for his strained relationship with Irma Inashvili. 







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