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Anna Guruli

Nanuka Zhorzholiani’s “Profile”

17.01.2013 12:29
ნანუკა ჟორჟოლიანი (photo: )

Nanuka Zhorzholiani returned.  She returned sentimentally – with the tears of pride sparkling in her eyes.  She returned calmly – without any exclusives and news stimulating “bravo, bravo” shouts.  Main thing is she returned to another television and immediately started convincing us that Rustavi 2 is the television close to being ideal.  To say the truth the main reason for this is probably the fact that the given television once again gave shelter to its former, already unemployed journalist; but we are not scheming to tell all this to Nanuka right on her debut, so, let’s better get directly to the show. 

Let’s get to the show which looked very much like ‘Profile’, although there was one small difference:  the “How did all start…” tradition was replaced by lexically different, but ideologically similar question – “Tell us about your first TV-day,” which could be asked to any of the show guests without any problem.  With the given sadly memories we found out that on their first TV-day all the journalists were “very nervous” and we also saw how Rustavi 2 permanently young presenters grew better with years passing by. 

Along with that during the whole show they were convincing us that Courier journalists are heroes because they spoke against government on November 7 and covered war in August.  Of course it was kind of heroism, but “beyond heroism” they did not say a single word about all the other years when Rustavi 2 was labeled as pro-governmental channel and neither Courier, nor P.S. reports characterized with heroic objectiveness.  By the way, making such recognition is kind of heroism too, but the journalists were not ready for it yet and dramatizing such a warm show with such “exclusives” would be categorically inadmissible too. 

Although, as it appeared, there still were certain defects in the given friendly team, as when

discussing most popular shows of the last decade the team accidentally “forgot” about ‘Profile’ – one of the most popular projects in Rustavi 2 history (probably because Equivoque, or the Weak Chain were more important) and they did not listen with great enthusiasm to Maia Asatiani’s first TV-day either. 

I don’t know if it can be counted as start of the end of ‘Profile’ show (we are all sentenced “to spend whole life with ‘Profile’), but on one hand it is good when there are two similar format talk-shows on one channel and both having high ratings.  Maybe at least now Maia Asatiani will spend some more time and think of something different than dancing and singing, or telling anecdotes in each program.  Nanuka in the second show plans to have Goran Bregovich as her guest (instead of seven times invited Eter Kakulia, Zuzu, or Lasha Glonti) and with tearful topics of abandoned women interferes with ‘Profile’s profile already. 

Ok with ‘Profile’ (it is being left behind anyway), but in yesterday’s Nanuka’s Show Rosto was suspiciously not there while Nanuka “always took him everywhere she went” and the studio was not full of great decorations either.  It seems like the show financing source is not that powerful anymore and it in fact could be seen in Nanuka’s surprises also. By the surprise I mean the video-clip that is usually made by amateur editing of school-university banquet videos and is usually interesting only for “internal viewing.”  Anyway, a show having pretensions for being a popular program must do more than an amateur video-clip awakening joyful memories in the minds of journalists. 

As conclusion the debut show looked more like gathering of friends after long time and talking about their memories with a glass of juice, or cup of coffee.  Still, maybe in future the show may develop so fast that we forget about such a debut; of course we cannot talk about the future of a show based on just a debut at least because to avoid having a mistaken position and having to apologize permanently in future…







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