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Anna Guruli

Yellow Press in Pink Bathrobe

05.01.2013 19:36
ყვითელი მედია ვარდისფერი ხალათით (photo: )

Channel 9 has firmly set its foot as a guardian of Georgian morality. First it put “the indecent deputies to shame” to one’s heart’s content, then, apparently dissatisfied and blushing  for the national shame, made another step towards the direction of yellowness - this time covering “Chinese brothels”.

That was how another proverbial report entered the history of Georgian journalism. What is worth of special attention is Tamta Sanikidze’s permanently disturbed facial expression rendering “look at those uncivilized jerks! How I’d like to grab them at the hair and pluck”, followed by a statement of hidden pride that “Channel 9 has disclosed four Chinese brothels today” (said in such a solemn manner one could think of events like the discovery of Troy remains or the grave of Tutankhamen). What is of even greater interest, however, is the fact that during the life coverage a journalist calls upon the law enforcement officer “to address the matter”- if put differently, an attitude going beyond the journalistic functions( especially in the case of a news anchor), as s/he him/herself plunges into the fight against prostitution.

One paradox marks the course of the event however - a journalist armed with his camera, diving in the fight against extermination of “the illegal brothels”, meticulously relating  all the details “a potential client” might be interested in giving the addresses (four in a row- just in case some of them closed), carefully providing us with the information regarding prices, then shows us the girls (so that no time was wasted in the process of their evaluation), and the only forgotten part was to name the numbers of buses and route taxis that could take us to the location. Doubtlessly a dream advertisement the owner of the place couldn’t even think of.

All the facets of ethics are broken in the meantime - all of the faces appear uncovered (due to “the semblance of Chinese faces”- according to the Georgian logic), except for one single moment, when a men’s face was shadowed - a friend after all. The same man, nevertheless, appears uncovered in another sequence - with the expression of a kind of Georgian pride, rendering  the following phrases with the artificial tone pertaining to macho - “How are you girls?! Happy New Year.”

What added even deeper tinctures of excitement to the story, were Georgian ladies voicing a strange complaint-“ this is Georgia, this isTbilisi… Not a place to strut about in a bathrobe”. In order to secure greater confidence of the aforementioned statement, a woman dressed in a loose bathrobe is shown, while the journalists and respondent couldn’t unanimously agree over the exact color of her clothing. For fair- pink bathrobe (or a red one) carries the cornerstone significance, because as a woman puts it on - she as well takes it off. There are all the indications that soon some will start seriously considering the ban of the fluffy piles on bathrobe belts.

As a matter of fact, the PM usually says - I do not interfere into anything - but take a try now at convincing an intriguer that such line of taking care of the nation’s moral - first banning “the fluff”, then raiding the brothels - is just a mere  coincidence. But let’s put away our intriguer - it is a fairly well-accepted fact that subjects concerning “brothels, porn, sex, prostitution sell extremely (especially in yellow press) well. Thus, the main issue is that the managements of TV Companies do not refuse to raise their rating by means of those aforementioned subjects, and therefore they do cover them eagerly.

This post definitely doesn’t serve the purpose of justifying  the prostitution, while  Chong Peng Chau is no cousin of mine either. The point is that when a journalist acts like a vice squad officer, infringes the privacy, doesn’t keep the immunity of private information, violates the code of ethics, stages a kind of candid camera, ultimately making tremendous advertisement to “the Chinese brothels”- the situation becomes fairly ridiculous.

So, if the news service proceeds with that kind of attitude all the chances are that the logo of Channel 9 will soon appear on the traffic lights, in-between red and green. 







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