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Anna Guruli

Porn-Based Journalism

22.12.2012 20:35

Once on Imedi there was a news program called Khronika (the Chronicle). And I mean that very Khronika, infamously biased one, an utter media abomination with all its correspondents and hosts. What prevailed there by the time was lack of ethics, a load of cynicism followed by the tone of morality. The stories featured were of a character of a tasteless spiteful comedian during the crisis era.

To put it brief why had I recollected pre-elections Khonika “in the time of total freedom:” A few days ago news program of Channel 9 released an exclusive material- those two deputies deepening their knowledge in the field of sex. The fact doubtlessly is of great importance, but what ever was aired by Channel 9 was just of the same league as Khronika with inexhaustible cynicism of Zurab Khvistiani and inextricably agitated tone of Lela Tsiklauri.

Let’s for a start put it straight that the only notable part of the story is the “preposterous” three second sequence of face and name-covered deputies. The rest of the shots are so meaninglessly shoved in that “far-fetched” would be a fairly perfect definition of it. The journalist has only bundled together a heap of futile  shots - for example, how (perhaps even during the break) Nugzar Tsiklauri is holding two mobile phones assessing the difference in their weight by means of gesticulation, or the appearance of a deputy with disturbed face (apparently for the need to yawn - in case of more profound demonstration of tiredness they would’ve brought him to the gallows pole), the way some other deputy glances over a news website, and finally, how someone is playing “angry birds” (quite hard to tell whether all this truly takes place during the session or shot at the break).

Let alone the shots themselves, the description would make any average yellow press representative bursting with envy. It’s hard to say where the journalism ends and irony entwined ambitious cynicism begins-“Unknown is the fact whether the lawmaking activity exhausted the deputy or he was affected by 20% shortage of oxygen”, or “ up until the moment deputies regard mobile phones as adult items”…

The journalist’s tone and grimace is well worthy of special remark. Nodar Chachua seems so happy with his findings he would have been just like Archimedes yelling “Eureka” from his bathtub had it not been for the live transmission, or probably would have done splits by the end of the filming. Instead of an acrobatic stunt though, the viewers have to only be satisfied with a pathetic question Nodar Chachua has put forwards for them to ponder over - “Are the deputies paid for – for lawmaking activity or just for having fun?”.

This is not proper journalism. Furthermore - this is not journalism at all. Of course, somebody may call it superficial to draw conclusion on the ground of a single story. However, I do not extend my reflection to the information policy in general (it’s a totally different story). I’m just saying that a channel claiming high performance standards shouldn’t be airing material under such “exclusive” and “scandalous” labels, especially in a form of paramount news.

Hard to find a clue – it’s Luba and her oddity…







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