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Tamar Karelidze

Collective Rebellion in a Team

10.10.2012 20:15

Several days ago I thought that mentality of a person, at different stages of his development, is in some way determined by statuses, while when you get sense of protest and speak out about problems; this means you are brave enough to speak about it. 

For example, in kindergarten, when it is about going to sleep at midday, part of children, despite warning and threatening from teachers still lie there with their eyes wide open.  In school problem I more related to teachers, system, methods of teaching, but when you become a student on the very first day you enter university you are sure you have come here to save if at least not the whole world, at least your profession. 

When being a student you express your protest easily; criticize everyone and everything; you do not account to anyone; you are into disputes with celebrities and into making fun of them… It is because you are independent. 

After graduating from university, in most cases you become part of system; system which despite profession acts according to same principle and your independence is taken over by censorship and self-censorship.  The reason is simple – fear – fear of losing a job, status, public situation, or reputation.  That is why you close your eyes to many things and do what you are told to do.  As time passes your creativity dies and you become a handyman. 

During the inner conflict with the job you do launches the mechanism of finding solution.  There are several options:  you stay at your job and hope that something will change, or you become full part of the process, or leave the job and go somewhere else. 

There are several forms of leaving job, including the most peaceful; which is to write a coinciding statement to director, but if you want more resonance it is recommended to express loud protest. 

Probably I’m not the only one who skeptically approached pretensions expressed to their management by certain journalists after 1 October parliamentary elections.  I just cannot understand why they opened their eyes to the policy of public broadcaster policy, why they suddenly expressed willingness to start protecting their rights and media principles.  Why did they suddenly decide that the “First” did not consider public interests and one more, the most important question:  where were they before? 

Vakho Sanaia and his team have been dismissed from the Public Broadcaster; job was also left by one of the newscast anchors Nino Tolordava, although later in the evening we just could not understand from Tolordava herself if she really left the job or not.  Nothing to say about her obscure speech I cannot understand that during four years she was reading texts and had no sense of protest.  So suddenly why did she feel the “GPB is in opposition to its own people.” 

I do not understand why they needed 1 October in order for journalists to finally see the policy implemented by the Public Broadcaster for years; why did they not protest about the method of the Public Broadcaster when it was covering the facts of torture of inmates?  Why did they not protest to their management that results of different surveys showed that the Public Broadcaster appeared to be the most biased among almost all private channels?  It was a channel that not even badly, but completely did not cover certain facts taking place in the country. 

I remember just recently Eka Kvesitadze said something like this at Kavkasia TV – I am making just y program and am not interested in how the news service works.  A little later almost the same was said by Vakho Sanaia.  Of course everyone is responsible for their program, but when you are called a journalist how can you not be interested in what is being aired by your channel?  Furthermore that when you are not making shows and entertainment shows and considering the format of your show it is in some way in your functions to know what and how your channel covers; you should at least know it to express protest timely. 

Even if we do not speak about the past after the Public Broadcaster did not cover many extremely important events lately the honest recognition by newscast anchor that Public Broadcaster is under pressure that there are “Party orders” and so on, looks a little like “the institute of reporting” and the situation is so odious that I think it would have been better if she just sat there and read those texts.  We would at least know for sure that she still works for the First Channel and has not left the job. 


P.S. I have one thing to ask to Gia Chanturia:  when he speaks about the results of monitoring by BBC and OSCE that the First Channel is the most balanced, unbiased and good with its newscast, I want him to show me that report! I want to look him in the eyes.  







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