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Lasha Kavtaradze

Rambo Journalism

13.08.2012 11:40

I thought for the first time in May 2012 that maybe I have made a mistake to have entered the faculty of journalism without going through some martial arts training.  That was when Samegrelo region correspondent of the First Channel Nato Berulava hit camera with a microphone.  Director General of the Public Broadcaster defended Berulava and said that “formulation that our journalist hit someone with something would not be true.”  Still, the footage clearly shows the “fighter journalist.”

In approximately two months after the aforementioned incident I saw the classics of “fighter journalist.”  This time Maestro correspondent Nana Pazhava decided to exercise some and showed the example of kung-foopractice to Samegrelo media organization (which is also a media-miracle together with Order of Dignity holder Malkhaz Basilaia.)  I must admit she was better than Nato Berulava.  Unlike the First Channel Management Maestro showed more self-esteem and expressed readiness even to compensate the loss.

(This time I will not discuss the Alistrakhos appearing lately in the regions, who have nothing to do with journalists  and are just part of an event that has to be studied anthropology way (see Tamar Karelidze’s blog.)   Camera of one of such Alistrakhos became the victim of Pazhava’s microphone.  I would say justifying of the aggression by journalist to be foolish in this case.) 

Another small wander happened after.  They sued Nana Pazhava and she asked for legal assistance to Georgian Dream Poti majority MP candidate Eka Beselia.  I honestly cannot understand why should she have asked a representative of political party?

Anyway, I did not start writing this post for appearing as a moralist.  It is not my business if those ladies want to fight and damage someone else’s property.  That is the problem of the victims and law enforcers to make decisions on it.  What I am interested in is the position of media organizations which employ those ladies.  

At first I was surprised with the “widely shut eyes” of Gia Chanturia, although if we recall the work experience of the Public Broadcaster Director General, his sayings and feelings to government there’s nothing to be surprised about.  I just think that there is a crisis of self-esteem at that channel.  I understand that NatoBerulava’s fighter character insures many exclusive materials for the First Channel but in Georgian journalistic society her name is like a legend of Jack the Ripper together with Rustavi 2 Rambo-journalist Emma Gogokhia.  I just cannot understand why would a respected media organization employ such journalists? 

Exactly the same question can be asked to Maestro.  It is good you are able to apologize unlike GiaChanturia, but I doubt they will “tie up” Pazhava in future and that she will not do the same again in future.  It is at the least the matter of dignity to get such journalists away from the microphone with your logo which they use as machetes. 

In such moments I always think that it is a luxury to speak about journalistic ethics and standards in Georgia.  It would be a little hard to seriously discuss problems of journalism after seeing these videos.  It is far beyond the professional limits although I do not see a solution either.  Should we start learning journalism from the rule that microphone is not for hitting somebody in the head that respondents cannot be beaten up and cameras are for shooting for images and not for blood?!  







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