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Tamar Karelidze

Ostrich Pose

28.05.2012 13:27

Information on what happened at 27 May action of the Georgian Dream may get as just a rumor to the population in regions (not having Internet.) 

In fact, nothing special has happened.  Georgian Dream gathered may supporters and launched the pre-election campaign.  Still, if we watch just information reported by central televisions, we will be confused. 

Kavkasia TV, Maestro and the Ninth Channel broadcasted live the events underway at the Independence Square and Rustaveli Avenue.  Still, their broadcasting does not cover regions so the population there could only use Imedi, Rustavi 2 and population-funded Public Broadcaster as the only source of information. 

3 p.m. Courier (Rustavi 2 newscast) started with a stand-up from the meeting.  The report showed the shots of the Independence Square with less people.  Kronika (Imedi TV newscast) did the same at 5 p.m.  The report mainly showed Bera’s singing and Bidzina Ivanishvili’s intro to the first song.  Neither Rustavi 2 nor Imedi TV said how many people participated in the meeting.  

When we speak about private TV-Companies, they can be weakly justified by financial interests, but when it comes to the Public Broadcaster (the channel that is funded by each one of us) the same justification cannot be used. 

Despite the fact that the First Channel of the Public Broadcaster is not popular in the society (its managers do not have to think about searching for revenues and the less people watch them the less is the responsibility, so only fools would case a lot about the situation) it is directly obliged to cover all the events underway in the country, but what the Public Broadcaster aired 27 May won over the two other “competitor” channels. 

4 p.m. Moambe (First Channel newscast) started (you won’t even imagine) from the prost rallies underway in European countries.  Moambe dedicated only two minutes to the events underway in the center of Tbilisi.  Just as with Rustavi 2 and Imedi TV, the First Channel also showed the political leaders that are not much strutted by the public. 

In general the angle plays quite an important role in video and photo shots.  As result, by the logic of central televisions, the population of the regions will have an impression that number of people who participated in the rally was quite role.  Meanwhile, at Rustaveli Avenue there were several tens of thousands of people; by some calculations even over 100 000. 

If you ask the Public Broadcaster why the protest rallies underway in Europe were more important than the Tbilisi events, the management of the PB will say that the Second Channel is responsible for covering political events.  Meanwhile, the Second Channel at that time was airing the recorded plenary session of parliament. 

I just can’t understand how can the Public Broadcaster speak about public interest when it dedicated enormous time to 26 May events in Kutaisi and only 3 minutes to 27 May action in Tbilisi.  One of my friends from Facebook clarified this to me:  probably the budget of the Public Broadcaster is filled only from the pockets of those who marked the Independence Day.  







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