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The Wisdom of Truth

10.04.2012 11:00
Revaz Sakevarishvili (photo: )

“Water is pouring from the tap; the backyard is all in mud,

Gia sees it all, Rezo sees it all,

The kids just go up and around the tap…

Nothing bad they do, but it’s still a wrong deed!” -

Poem from the first-grade Alphabet Book


So, our yard, called our media today is all muddy. It’s all so muddy that nobody and nothing has been left clean any more. 

Some have made themselves muddy, some have been made muddy, and some have hugged those already muddy and have gone dirty that way. 

And Rezo Sakevarishvili saw everything in this mud, just as in that children’s poem. 

But unlike the characters of the children’s poem, he did not just walk up and round it; he did not make a mistake; he spoke out about what he saw; closed the tap and interfered with Georgian media getting even muddier. 

To tell the truth I really did not think any one could close the tap in this mud and dirt, but Rezo did it. 

Some say it was a heroic deed. 

As we all know, heroism is a relative notion; all the times and eras have had their requirements and heroes coinciding with those requirements. 

And if resigning from the post of Chief Editor of ForbesGeorgiaby Rezo Sakevarishvili as a protest, is a heroic deed, then poor us!  It means giving up your job in the name of struggling for truth and for preserving own dignity is heroism in our times. 

Whole in a normal country, normal environment, normal society and normal media it is not heroism; it is a normal, obligatory step to take. I will not start discussing the rights and wrongs here; Rezo Sakevarishvili really is a hero for me, but not because of what I have written above. 

There are people who remain professional in any environment and despite any pressure or proposed privileges. Such people are very few in media and especially in post-Soviet, developing countries and in the pre-election period. 

Rezo has appeared to be one of those few.  

If any of you have doubts that Sakevarishvili has been pressured and attempted to be censored, please review the events that have been happening since last October. 

All the broadcasters, or media outlets controlled by the authorities are censored and pressured when reporting on Bidzina Ivanishvili, political coalition Georgian Dream and their rating. 

Rezo appeared to be the first in all this mud to close the tap and to “swim against the flow.”  He created the precedent that even inGeorgiait is possible to go against the regime and to protect truth and freedom of speech. 

I do not like pathetic statements, but for the first time I’m feeling proud for being a journalist since I received my diplomat in 2004. 

See you later!    







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