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“Talk to the Hand, Cause the Hand Can’t Talk”

20.03.2012 10:50
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A joke from Shevardnadzes time

A junky goes to the Ninth Block (power station) and tells it:

- My man, please, tell me how can you “be out” so often? 

I really don’t know if the new generation will ever understand the phenomenon of the Ninth Block, but it’s a fact:  in my childhood, not to say anything about choosing TV-channels by political viewpoint, we used to wait for electricity to come back on for a whole week, in order to receive some information. 

Last week Imedi TV wrote a letter to Global-TV and requested for the Company to stop re-broadcasting Imedi through its network. Rustavi2 did the same a little later. 

The reason was:  Imedi TV – founding a partner cable company andRustavi2 – a joint project planned with a competitor cable company – Kavkasus-TV. 

As if they could say anything else! 

The real reason and objective of the both broadcasters is clear (it is not the Ninth Block era that they could have concealed the truth); to decrease the quantity of customers of Global-TV, because the given company is owned by Bidzina Ivanishvili’s brother Alexander Ivanishvili.  Global-TV has been re-broadcasting Maestro TV for a long time and of course it will by all means include in its network the Ninth Channel. 

From the three-headed monster of the national media, only the Public Broadcaster still continues cooperation with Global-TV. 

The given action by Imedi TV and Rustavi 2 came as a logical continuation of their latest behavior and nothing else could have been expected from them, but I still have several, also quite logical questions: 

1. Why don’t the non-governmental sector and media controllers respond to such actions? 

2. Are the Law and rights of consumers violated by stop of this re-broadcasting? 

3. And the last question:  is it good or bad for the audience that the re-broadcasting of two, directly to say, lying and partial broadcasters has been switched off? 

I will leave the answer to the first and second question to the more competent professionals. 

As for the third question, there are several important details to be discussed here. 

As we all know, after the National Movement took over Imedi TV, the given broadcaster in fact lost all the independence and turned into a regular, expensive trumpet. Rustavi2 was initially the property of current government, so nothing is surprising in this case. 

It is not also news that both of these broadcasters have been very loyal to the governing power and often lies to the audience.  As an example we can just recall the “staged Kronika” and identical reports on Kimeridze’s murder. 

Considering all the above mentioned I will be biased and say that switch off of these two lying channels is a positive happening. 

Don’t start now about the rights of consumers – Rustavi 2 and Imedi TV have for a long time been violating human rights in general to the point that their switch off will be a far less violation. 

Furthermore that a new show Dances with the Stars was launched at Imedi TV.  We will see who will suffer more from the clear political boycott – the audience, Global-TV, or Imedi TV, which will lose SMS-es and rating. 

See you later!  







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