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The Irony of Fate, or ‘Enjoy Your Bath!’

08.03.2012 21:37
Mikheil Saakashvili in Azerbaijan (photo: )

Backwards Asineta, backwards!

Arqipo Seturi, Georgian movie Data Tutashkhia

We are lost!

Woe is us!

Whatever English we have learned so far, whatever subtitled movies we have watcehd with our eyes swollen, calling Russian speakers “retarded” and “mummy” all that has gone for vain!

While we hoped to suffer a bit, pick up some English, then EU would open doors to us, then NATO would grant us MAP and meanwhile the price for sugar would go down, but in vain!

I was absolutely horrified and alarmed when I switched to Imedi TV on March 7, 2012 and saw with my own damned eyes our President delivering a speech in the Russian language in Baku and Imedi TV providing live coverage of the speech without Georgian translation!

I have witnessed turnover, licking own spit, change of political stance, “reset” policy and political restart as well – but haven’t seen or heard of anything of the kind!

Misha is a policy maker and political scientists are to judge whether he has a right to play political games and I am not going to discuss it here. 

But you, being media, the one founded on a damned day, being not just media but the one enjoying nationwide coverage and laying claim to “top rating TV” title, shouldn’t you have at least minor self-esteem? How can you turn over in a day whatever you have been arguing and claiming and stuffing into our heads, following a single policy maker’s decision?

I know you well (and political circumstances evidence that), you will now start arguing, that Georgian opposition is being funded by bloody American capitalists and our befriended Russia has been fighting against us for them.

Then you will repeatedly air TV series Poor Nastia, with subtitles to enable future generation get used to the Russian language and study Russian better.

Iumorina will be replaced by monologues by Mikhail Zadornov, Yevgeny Petrosyan and Leon Izmailov, that I would personally hail.

Then New Year will come and unless we face the end of the world on December 21 at 12 am Alla Borisovna will congratulate us on New Year with a song „Белый снег“ (White Snow) and then an everlasting Russian movie The Irony of Fate, or ‘Enjoy Your Bath!’ starts.

Then, instead of Georgian rap singer Dzvali, your channel will be airing Nadezhda Babkina’s videos, for that simple reason that her first name in the Russian means Imedi (hope).

And finally 2013 presidential election will be held to crown to everything. Keta Topuria will be singing Georgian police anthem at the concert to support UNM presidential candidate, and you will be airing that live.

And at the end, instead of saying goodbye I would like to ask my readers: can you imagine the alarm raised by our “high rating televisions” if Maestro or Kavkasia TV aired President’s speech in Russian?

See you!


The world has turned over! Dreamtime has come! Be happy, worker, you suffered one!

Kvarkvare Tutaberi, Georgian movie Kvarkvare







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