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Lost in Translation

01.02.2012 10:51

“It was the third year of Barack Hussein’s presidency Mikheil Saaka’s Son set off to the residence of the White House….”

In 3012 that is likely to be the beginning of the Georgian Literature reader for the ninth form of Georgian public schools.

I am not sure whether the discussion is going to touch upon the future hagiographic character “sacrificing himself as a gift” to the host but I know one thing – the philologists of the future are going to waste thousands and tens of thousands of halogens discussing what Obama told Saakashvili whether to handover his power in a formal or an informal way? 

What the hell is wrong with us?

Have we Georgian journalists got so weak, have Nino Chkheidze’s songs and Maia Asatiani’s Profile made us grow so stupid that that we failed to translate correctly the only word Formal mentioned by Obama?

Have all our efforts, so many foreign teachers, a bunch of subtitled movies and our swollen eyes been all vain?

„Formal - формальный, официальный, оформленный, номинальный, церемонный, внешний, симметричный, надлежаще оформленный, соответствующий правилам, выполненный по установленной форме, относящийся к форме, пр `авильный“ (|ru|formal).

To verify the information I applied to Wikipedia too, having found a way more weird definition that I am not going to mention here (for being unrelated to the issue), here is the link if you would like to check

And of course here comes a natural question – how did our televisions conclude that Obama implied “formal handover of power” instead of “handover of power through observing the rules”?

How? Through the official website of the President of Georgia!

Yes, yes exactly from there!

Here is the link

And can anyone further convince me thatRustavi2, Imedi and GPB are not biased?

I cannot understand why one should afford providing the coverage of the story of state importance without providing an alternative translation? While other media outlets such as, radioLibertyhad already published another translation of the word Formal in the meaning of “official.”

This is no piece of news, that’s the pre-election campaign being on through the breach of rules.

And most importantly the people residing in the regions “swallow” it all without having sussed they are being cheated…

The situation was quite similar few years ago when NATO Press Speaker James Appathurai released a video stating Georgian state-controlled TV channels provided an incorrect translation to his text.

Embarrassing, to say the least!

See you!







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