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Lasha Kavtaradze

‘Goddamned’ International Standards and Solidarity

16.01.2012 12:18
ჟურნალისტური სტანდარტები (photo: )

Discussions over Georgian media are getting increasingly rhetoric. Along with rhetoric the processes are acquiring some kind of comic tint. For instance I can never acceptRustavi2 journalist and Nino Jangirashvili fencing with mics or Shalva Ramishvili artistically affirming the meaninglessness of media standards as a serious journalism act. Moreover, radio Hereti is competing Media House Decom over license, representatives of regional media outlets, in turns, are lodging complaints against one another and along with the aforementioned national broadcasters are still “heaving in Singapore.” Shortly speaking as the Georgian saying goes “man was reasoning, God was laughing.”

Further to all that last week was marked with the foundation of another journalism organization. I am not going to mention how many organizations have been set up with the same goal. It looks interesting who signed the Memorandum on Solidarity – For Freedom of Media. I am not going to list all of them, finding some of the organizations within the list is noteworthy to me. In particular, radio Obiektivi, Georgian daily Asaval-Dasavali and media holding Alia. Simply speaking the worst media outlets in the country. That’s, of course, my personal point of view but I will try to clarify the reason of my personal perception.

So, in short, these media outlets should take care of protecting one of the fundamental human rights such as the freedom of speech. Sorry to say that but I can’t believe, I do not want and I have no concern to whatever these three organizations are going to protect. The reason is very simple, the newspaper/radio/television with no moral compass, being adherent to none of the norms of human ethics, let alone media ones, representing agitator of xenophobia, the ideology almost inclined to fascism, applying humiliation of private live and dignity as the main standard then I do not understand why I would have a feeling of solidarity to those. I can neither comprehend why I would wish to have their show of solidarity.

The protection of freedom of speech is of course one of the fundamental requirements to me, being a journalist. But I don’t think these three media outlets have ever had anything to say and have been unable to say. If they are concerned about injustice reigning in the country then they first of all should show us the efficiency of justice and ethics through their actions.   

In general I don’t think these newspapers or a radio can have any kind of positive impact on the society. The information “produced” by them is the evil similar to that of their counterpoise pro-governmental media outlets. If you tell me that Radio Obiketivi, the Asaval-Dasavali and the Alia have got their listeners and readers and therefore the existence of these media outlets is important, I would not agree with that either.

Itching does not help tatter, it requires treatment, with itching you can just further irritate it. Likewise, seeing any kind of problem in the country/society one should start stimulating it for self-satisfaction, instead one should provide serious treatment, unlike these three media outlets do.

Looks like infantilism to assert that adherence to media standards and norms of ethics will be made into real norms under the circumstances of “well-combed democracy.” Referring to Shalva Ramishvili the main principle of the given media outlets reads a follows: “Goddamn international standards inGeorgiawhen having the government of the kind.” I do think, due to this very principleGeorgiaand Georgian media is really damned. “An international standard” never means foreign standard. As a rule they have been set following human and professional expertise instead of either ethical signs or demarcation lines.

I do not reject the initiative directed from above or the importance of a will but I don’t think the democratization of the authorities will totally heal the society, hold up the freedom of speech and we will be living happily ever after. The healing process is to start right from media outlets and so called civil sector. When the Asaval-Dasavali, Alia and radio Obiektivi represent media outlets not in shape only but content too I, as an ordinary journalist, might have a feeling of solidarity to them. But prior to that I think ordinary people, more than these media outlets, need protection right from them and their media production.







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