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Who has big eyes?

14.10.2011 15:52

A joke was circulated in Internet space lately:

Mikho asks Shakro: 

-Is it true that your dog bit you yesterday?
- Yes, it’s true.
-How come?
-I came home sober and it didn’t recognize me. Almost the same question was asked by my neighbor’s 15-year-old son, when he saw opposition leaders appearing one after another on my TV-screen. 

The thing is that my neighbor moved to the village 4 years ago and in the regions, as you all know, it is impossible to watch any of the anti-governmental channels. 

They have not shown any of the opposition representatives at governmental channels for so long that the teenager did not recognize any of them. 

Last week Georgian businessman and philanthropist Bidzina Ivanishvili announced that he plans to create a political party and to win the forthcoming elections. 

He announced it and immediately a boom started in Georgian broadcasting space.  Images, opinions, suppers, political opinions came one after another…

Suddenly it appeared that along with Soso Tsintsadze we also have Ramaz Sakhvarelidze as an experts, who, if you can believe it, can comment to certain issues and answer journalists’ questions. 

It suddenly also appeared that we can believe Eros Kitsmarishvili when he makes scandalous statement about negotiations underway between Okruashvili and Ivanishvili. 

Suddenly it appeared that there is Maestro TV which broadcasts in Georgia.  All of the programs, as they said, are ancored by Shalva Ramishvili, who has been released from prison several years ago and is active in TV journalism…

Thousands of “it appeared that’s” appeared during last few days. 

In general it is known that editorial policy of TV Companies and especially of pro-governmental ones does not change in one day unless there is a force-masjeaure situation “up there”. 

We have seen many such force-majeaure situations and reactions to them during last several years due to our political life and ambitions of some of them… But all of them were preliminarily thought out, planned and as result effective. 

This one is different. 

We can freely say that the TV-craziness confirms that Ivanishvili’s statement was really unexpected, and as it was said “shocking” for “those up there.” 

That is why the blocked and prohibited faces appeared at the pro-governmental channels. 

The principle is the same – “up there” they prefer to what they are used to. 

The main thing for them is to manage and discredit Ivanishvili; they will handle all the others themselves later.

They will, no problem…

And who is the main actor in this dirty deed?  Of course TV-media and part of electronic media. 

They would use other media sources also, but the Georgian billionaire already started a successful process of that – 17-page letter of Ivanishvili was printed by almost all Georgian newspapers; as a paid statement. 

The TV-broadcasters could only speak about the quantity of words in the businessman’s letters. 

I can smell fear…

See you later!







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