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'Niangi' is Back!

29.06.2011 12:17

"Satan would have been defeated long time ago if angels could laugh"

Stanislaw Jerzy Lec

A very important event took place in Georgian media last week.

You can stop any person in the street and ask which Georgian humor magazine he remembers (that is if he knows the difference between Petre Melikishvili from Bichola) you will have an answer - 'Niangi'! (Crocodile).

In our nearest history, to be more precise, for as long as I remember myself - many have tried to repeat 'Niangi' in Georgian printed media, but in vein.

There was 'Piltakva' - the not relatively decorated, so called humor magazine and naturally it was not popular either.  The result came soon and the magazine was closed down.

There was 'Iumorina' - magazine of low polygraph quality, with color cover and black-and-white content inside.  It was quite thematic but not quite humorous.  Naturally it was also closed down soon.

Times were changing; so were governments, roads; prices, taxes and our ambitions went up... The demand for humor press remained unchanged.

There was also magazine 'Sicilia' - the humor level of it was not even quite as good as that of the Kviris Palitra humor page.  Society did not notice neither the publishing, nor closing of the given magazine either.

Magazine 'Niangi' was being published during the given period (when they had money).

Nobody cared about 'Niangi' except of its editor-in-chief Zhani Sikharulidze since the collapse of the Soviet Union.

And it is understandable - real crocodiles walked in the street and "ate people alive"; the country was just as destroyed as the lands of Egypt after the Nile flood -would anyone care about 'Niangi'?

After the situation calmed down (at least relatively) and people started caring about other things then getting food, the attempts of reviving 'Niangi' started again.

First serious attempt to revive the magazine was taken in 2007 when 'Niangi' went weekly, received funding and new employees; still only 3 issues came out and the magazine closed down again.

Last week the renewed 'Niangi' came out - in the same format as before; big, green, widely smiling, wearing tuxedo and a bow-tie.

Publishing house 'Trias' has the right to publish the magazine and as the publishers claim they have very serious future plans in view of 'Niangi'.  Gia Murgulia is the new editor-in-chief of the magazine.

There is a phrase at the front page of the magazine:  "Thoughts are tax free!"

You will know 'Niangi' bites as hard as before as soon as you open the magazine.

Just mention the caricatures - as before, all the leading caricaturists are working for 'Niangi':  Zaliko Sulakauri, Kemo (Nika Kemularia), Irakli Toidze, Besik Dugashvili...

Modern political caricatures, humoristic poems, jokes - you can find the best of those, just as before, in the renewed 'Niangi'.

Authors prefer to use pseudonyms - which is logical.

Presentation was held in Rustaveli Theatre.

All those whom the Lord has the talent of humor and who have cooperated with 'Niangi' were there:  Jansug Charkviani, Bidzina Makharadze, Merab Sichinava, Dimitri Shashkin (Minister of Education)... wait, this last one is not a humorist?!

I, personally wish success to 'Niangi'.  Hopefully this time it will succeed, but it still all depends on the readers...

See you later!

P.S. Don't go telling me now that 'Niangi' was the body of the Central Committee of the USSR and it helped in imprisoning people!  Compared to other bodies of the CC 'Niangi' was the most pleasant and least painful!







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