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Ordinary Press Conference

11.10.2010 16:56

An ordinary press conference - American media officials meeting with Georgian journalists. The meeting as a rule starts with a delay. The representatives of national televisions - journalists and cameramen are most active, the rest are sitting and waiting for the beginning of the press conference. Of course there is a fight for the mic place at the visitors' table. This time the fake mics consented to stand a bit lower in the second row - to be seen is the top issue.

The guests conducted discussions, the time for Q & A has come. The representatives of national televisions are trying to obtain answers favorable to the authorities, posing questions about the freedom of speech in different wording but they don't appear to be very specialized. Guests answer in a diplomatic manner and refrain from making sharp statements, comparing Georgia with Uzbekistan. The things at our side look fine compared with them, the progress is evident.

Opposition TV channels need negative evaluation. They too pose questions but in a modest and evasive way, the interpreter finds it difficult to suss the essence to give exact wording into English but it's manageable. Even this time guests maintain diplomatic manner.

In the very middle of the press conference the lights go out. There is a commotion, the event is being carried on through camera lights.

After the press conference somebody forgets a TV mic, a tripod and an umbrella in the darkened room.

Who cares the umbrella, but the rest? - somebody asks.

In the evening one of the TV channels reports we should be proud, the second one informs Georgia was compared with Iran. None troubled for translation, Americans' English was either overlapped with a lead and or attached with some brief and pointless content.







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