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Tips for TV and Radio Journalists

27.09.2010 19:03

"This singer has given a try in three directions accordingly he listened to the music of three genres hence he is an interesting and talented person sorrowfully this person is no longer alive.

I'll be back to you following a brief set of commercials. It's a wave of smiles so I'll try to make you smile and try to please you."

The aforementioned passage belongs to one of the DJs. Have accidentally caught it. But any time you can switch on and listen to a way better "pearls." Haven't punctuated on purpose -DJs normally ignore punctuation marks. It's anyway incomprehensible wherever a full stop or a comma belongs to in their speech.

If you want to become a good DJ and a fan of teenagers, as well as enjoy the boosting number of radio listeners you got to read the text with an unnatural intonation and accent, stretching vowels. You got to get through the whole paragraph in one breath as if being strangled. At the very last sentence you should feel relief followed with a sigh. The voice got to be a bit throttled, "sexy." You can use English words such as song, track, single and the like instead of Georgian equivalents.

In general you should ignore the 21st consonant "P" in the Georgian alphabet and use Latin F instead - very trendy. Pronouncing T as Russian TS (Putsin instead of Putin) makes you sound more stylish.

In order to appear joyful you got to laugh "charmingly", doesn't matter if it's fake, listeners can't hear your smile.

If working at the radio is not so attractive and television looks more appealing to you, alongside with all the aforementioned you got to use "most likely" as often as possible being live on air, so that we, TV viewers, could cast doubts on our own existence.

After every two words you should use the conjunction "or". Mumbling as well as unidentified sounds are in fashion now - you got to give time to listeners so that they could suss out what they have seen or heard. If you haven't got your text prepared use meaningless words such as "naturally," "as usual," "of course," "accordingly" as often as possible.

Refuse to obey the rules?! Your way to fame is gonna be longer.







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