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14.09.2010 20:52

"So, you broke through the wall with you head! And what are you going to do now in the next cell?" Stanislav Ezhi Lec.

Repetition is the mother of all knowledge, they say.

Following this principle Georgian media appears to be a fatherless orphan since only mother, and in this very case the repetition takes part in its education.

In Qiziki, the place where I was brought up the tutor is usually mentioned in a different context but my professional ethics doesn't let me reiterate what they say.

It's comprehensible that top events in the country such as President's visit to Parliament, President's meeting with pupils, pedagogues, Chris de Burgh and José Carreras, President getting out of the car smiling should be definitely aired live through all the channels but news TV stories on the same topics is not just too much, it's beyond the framework of mother of education and fits right within the Qizikian saying.

For long now news outlets differ from one other with the final part only, e.g. Imedi informs of the birth of an elephant calf in San Francisco Zoo while Imedi TV reports on the crocodile having eaten the tamer at the New Orleans Zoo.

The rest is the same.

Let's start from the very beginning"

First there was Georgian television.

Whatever it informed it was believed since it was the only one and there were no other TVs and broadcasting companies.

In fact it didn't tell much, it read whatever it was written and "prescribed", essentially on art, collective farms and weather.

As regards political life in compliance with the life at the time, our television reported either good or nothing about the politics.

Time has passed. The Berlin wall came down, followed by the Soviet Union, Rustaveli Ave, Georgian economics and the TV companies, like mushrooms after the rain, started multiplying and expanding, talking and chatting, and having no restriction on talking about politics they talked so much that nowadays an ordinary Georgian is a better expert than a politologist graduated from maybe not Harvard but at least Iliauni University.

But there was still one and only problem - whether they talked about Georgian or world politics, home, foreign or neighborhood policy, Shevardnadze, Eltsin, Clinton or terrorists the difference was equal to zero. They all unanimously reported the situation was critical but even the description of the situation was similar.

Then there was a turnover in the country, the desired time arrived, whatever was to dump was flushed away, the economics started to prosper, the roads have been repaired and time of media has come.

A short while ago I came across an aphorism by an unknown author: "When a crow opened its mouth and dropped a slice of cheese, the fox got the cheese but the crow won the freedom of speech."

Our media seems to be based on this principle - while the white fox kept the slice of cheese in his mouth the crow kept his mouth open to caw and it's just the opposite now - the hunter having seized the slice of cheese from the fox gave it back to the crow (the ones having refused to accept were forcefully pushed in) and consequently the crow stopped cawing.

And now media unanimously broadcasts how nice the life in Georgia is, how attractive it is to tourists, how transparent the economics and the police premises are but....

Quoting Viktor Chernomidin "хотели, как лучше, получилось - как всегда!" For the third time now media has changed the topic of discussion but the style turned out impossible to change. I wonder why?

No much knowledge is needed to suss out why - the situation is absolutely different but the problem is the same: journalists whichever TV company they represent just report whatever they are "given", either from above or beneath, noting else.

Its reason is not hard to find out either - lack of professionalism and responsibility, in some cases plus fear and financial interest. But exceptions make no sense - in democracy the majority enjoys the power.

Any TV viewer having at least a minor possibility to observe can guess that any TV story, their content and the time to be on air is worked out and set by the "same office staff" if not by the same person.

And that's what makes me wonder - aren't "the guys from this office" creative enough to at least plan different TV stories?

Now let's imagine what is going to happen if somewhere around the world two commercial, I would like to stress c o m m e r c i a l TV companies air the same TV story in the news outlet, in a prime time one?

That is definitely going to reach the court... since on the one hand it's a breach of customers' rights and on the other hand it incites doubts that an agent is employed at one of the TVs and the information is being leaked...

But at our side everything is fine: there is no dissention, and as a rule we either talk good or nothing about politics. All the televisions say the same, in the same way and at the same time - our power is still in unity!

See you!

P.S. All the aforementioned is less perceptible in Tbilisi due to cable TVs and Internet but what can the dwellers of small towns and villages do who, by the way, cannot read this article either?







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