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It's Mine and My Brother's!

22.07.2010 12:52

I recall a few years ago when Rustavi 2 TV channel still aired Night Show with David Gogichaishvili the host (David Gogichaishvili) said the following joke: "they say a TV channel belongs to the person who's shown by that TV station most of the time. According to that logic, Rustavi 2 is Zurab Zhvania's TV station and TV company Kavkasia belongs to Raj Kapoor!"

Of course it was a joke, but as for the truth - we're living in the 21st century, people change, the large hadron collider has already been invented, people are seriously considering the possibility of moving to Mars, about 80% of what the greatest science fiction writers predicted has already come true; they're soon going to invent the cures for AIDS and cancer...

But people in Georgia are still wondering who owns this or that TV channel!

First they made us rack our brains on who was the owner of TV channel Imedi. After the death of Badri Patarkatsishvili there were three main questions raised in our society, media circles and Vere Park hangout: will there be a Doomsday, will the Georgian football ever be revived and who is the owner of TV station Imedi?

Some said it was Joseph Kay's, some said it was Arveladze's and so on and so forth. But then we became the witnesses of such events that we didn't even know who WE belonged to (or whom to cling to), let alone "Imedi"...

Now that we've calmed down a bit and thanks to our naivety forgotten those events and how we were feeling then, we have another question to ask: who's the owner of Real TV?

Much debate and discussions ensued, they conducted many researches and it turned out that Real TV unofficially called "Donadze's Television" in reality belongs to another person; the experts said that it was the violation of Law on Broadcasting etc.

Yes, but nobody seems to note that the most important thing is the staff and editorial policy of any given TV channel rather than its owner? Or maybe it isn't? Everything is upside down in our country...

Generally speaking, not only editorial, but the state policies are directed by one person in our country, so the fact that a TV channel's policies are managed by its owner can hardly be a surprise.

According to law, that problem should be regulated by corresponding regulations and we do have such regulations, but what's the use? Which laws do we observe anyway?

Therefore I suggest the following: if we want to decide once and for all who owns what give all those TV channels to me!

Of course after that I will become a monopolist, but it won't be a big problem, international community may express its concern and that's about it.

But in return I promise you that there will be no "Modeled Kronikas" and besides, our worthy experts' intellectual powers will not be expended on thinking who this or that TV station belongs to - because everyone will know that those TV stations are mine and basta!

The thing is that a TV station must work in such a manner that viewers are not concerned who it belongs to. There's a saying that goes like this: "taste the fruit, why care about the gardener?" But people usually want to know who the gardener is when the fruit is no good and tasteless.

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