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Let's Do it Together, Let's Do it in Agreement

24.06.2010 21:51

"Have you cut the mics off? Huh, God bless you," "I was late and failed to film, do me a favor, let me make a copy!" I couldn't hear well and what am I gonna ask? - We'll ask and you shoot" Who else am I going to film? - The one we are all going to film." Don't these sentences sound familiar to you? Then you haven't seen Georgian journalists at work.

By us almost all TV companies work in agreement, they help each other in a friendly way... You might ask what is wrong with that... nothing, for God's sake, that's journalism too, but peculiar to us only, substandard...

If any of them is late for the press conference, it doesn't matter, he can easily get the copy of the shots. If the cameraman loses a journalist and others are jointly filming the respondent, only this cameraman has got the only exclusive shot - reporters obtaining interviews, he can copy the remaining material and he doesn't care.

The respondent, as a rule, is posed the only question, worked out in agreement, no need to go into details. Some are lazy even to hold mics, so you can often come across the journalist holding mics of three or four media outlets bunched, they are going to air the same material anyway.

I mean TV mics when mentioning media outlets, only two radio companies work with real mics. The remaining radio stations use fake mics when being in TV air. Fake one is a thing similar to a microphone with the radio logo on. That's why ahead of the press conferences there is usually a commotion on the tribune for installing the mic or the simulation. From time to time some of them turn out unlucky and their logos fail to be visible on TV air.

As a rule they never stay until the end of either the press conference or the presentation. In the best case the respondent is filmed ahead of the opening of the event, grabbing mics rushingly following the respondent. They don't care if the setting up and taking down of tripods, opening and closing of the door disturbs the ones carrying the presentation on. They want to film jointly, what can they do? And what's the use of staying till the end? The results of some kind of survey had been published, comments by two people have been recorded, and that's it. The content doesn't really matter.

"Are you doing a shot+synch? We too - Are you going to the Ministry of Internal Affairs? Yes, We too - we are doing a TV story," a normal conversation, they should be aware what they are going to do in the evening, so that they could go and work together. What's the use of an exclusive, they have got nothing to quarrel about.

The situation appears to be simple for the viewers and listeners too, no need to switch from one channel to another to get information, the same everywhere.







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