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Which Night is Better?

17.06.2010 07:12

According to an ancient legend once a sailor on Korsika island raped a local girl. The girl's mother, having learned about it rushed out of house shouting at the top of her voice: My daughter! My girl!

Following this incident a group was set up on the island mainly composed of local men whose functions included defense of Korsikan population from sailors and pirates.

For those who didn't get the point: In French "my daughter" sounds as Ma Fille. The group was accordingly named as Mafia.

Let's leave legends and myths alone but it's a fact Georgia is one those countries where Mafia is still being considered as a law enforcement body.

It's also evident whatever is taking place in Georgia transforms into a show and appears on TV.

That's how the typical Georgian TV game Mafia Night popped upon Imedi TV air.

To tell the truth it used to be very popular in my childhood but we did play it among kids and relatives and friends.

Thinking a lot but it's hard to guess what imagination one could have to turn a childish card game into a TV show.

Let's analyze this consideration:

Indisputably many popular shows worldwide were originated from childhood and family games (e.g. What? Where? When?) but that's not the case - the idea of the game is that matters.

Let's get back to What? Where? When? - the main idea of the game - most intelligent, smart and quick-witted player wins the game.

This is to say the game promotes education, intelligence and its viewers have a desire to be like the players and try to guess more questions in the course of the game.

Now let's consider the Mafia Night.

The players are competing in crooking! The one having lied better wins.

The viewers have the relevant reaction - showing a desire to be a better crook than a player and cheat more people!

Reiterating to a washing powder commercial - "Do you see any difference? - No difference!"

But as our Salome used to say details are of main concern and evil is hiding in the details - under the circumstances it's just terms.

In the What? Where? When? game the most intelligent and experienced player is granted a title of a master and this title is being privileged in the course of the game too.

The chief title in our case is Mafioso.

We have already discussed the origin of Mafia but of course this word has lost its positive and kind meaning for long now and it's a symbol of organized crime due to Sicilian criminals or any others.

Why should be the program whose player's main dignity is cheating and swindling aired nationwide?

For a long while now the whole Georgian society including authorities, population, media and priesthood are trying to eradicate the cult of a criminal out of the Georgian consciousness and introduce civil values.

The child watching its favorite actor, singer, sportsman or even the Minister of Education sitting in the studio and stating that being a Mafiosi is far better than an honest citizen will be inclined to criminal even if instead of guards the riot police or Georgian troops would be deployed in the school.

I don't mean the program managers are promoting anything on purpose. The main reason, from my viewpoint, is lack of professionalism, irresponsibility and dependence of media on the market.

It is comprehensible and correct that media is free but there is a notion "customer's rights?" I don't want free media on the expense of my rights.

The ones, society and non-governmental sector, being responsible for the control over this system are somehow moving into one direction and consider tabooing sex-related topics as a way to defend people's moral and nationality.

The Mafia Night project was first submitted by its authors to take part in the tender. Following the jury's decision the program was included in the TV programming. It's weird why no one thought of at least changing the title of the project.

Same reasons prevail - movies of criminal content are known to be leading on the Georgian film market and rental service. In print media too, owing to some wangling, the editions such as Criminal Nightmare and World of Crime maintain their positions. Thus the project author didn't peril and left the title of the project unchanged.

Getting back to the children's games - there used to be a wonderful game in my childhood, funny, cheerful and innocent but it carried a bad negative name - Thief in the Zone!

I wonder if write a project and submit it to Imedi TV will the TV management approve it? According to the title it is gonna enjoy at least the same rating as Mario Cimarro used to have few years ago.

But I think it's worth trying.

Writing this letter I came across an interesting announcement on Rustavi 2 - Royal District Poker Show to be launched! Some cool Poker players will be probably on air playing Poker.

So cool! Rustavi 2 playing Poker and Imedi TV airing Mafia Night...

I would recommend David Akubardia, Kavkasia TV permanent director and anchor to play a game of Joker or Bura with his guests in the studio, would benefit to TV rating and additionally earn some money.

See you!







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