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Who needs Real TV and what for?

26.01.2010 12:12

For a few days I was digging in the Real TV video archive and watched almost all TV stories and programmes. Don’t consider me as a masochist, it’s just my duty I force myself a bit to do.

I got interested in the Real TV video archive following another hideous story aired, but I am gonna tell about it a bit later. Right now I would like to share the scarce info I have gleaned about the TV. Real TV was launched in autumn 2009. The official owner of its 100% share is someone named as Ia Paichadze. Real TV premises are located in Ortachala, in a fashionable building impossible for a stranger to approach due to a high wall around it.

Once, together with my colleagues, I went to Dmanisi to cover the opening of the museum. I got acquainted with the Real TV journalist there, an attractive young lady. In order to dispel doubts about the ownership of the TV company raised due to numerous rumors I directly asked the TV representative about the TV owner. "I am I am! Don’t I look that way?"- the young lady laughed merrily. Her answer made my doubts stronger.

According to considerations disseminated through press several times the TV company was founded by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and former Ministry representative, in particular Guram Donadze was named as the TV boss. Of course the press considerations were not substantiated.

But whoever the TV owner might be one thing is indisputable - Real TV has got nothing in common with journalism. Let’s review few "masterpieces" produced by them.

Real TV produces a programme Real Time. Up to now 53 editions have been aired. Nine out of 53 outlets were dedicated to non-political issues, the remaining 44 - to the opposition being abused and swear worded with a full meaning of this word.

A big yellow stand featuring the photos of the opposition leaders seen at the Real Time background is of special importance. After placing the stand in the streets of the capital the TV staff requests passers-by to assess, in one word, the politicians depicted in the photos. The TV camera is making covert recordings. Somehow when the work is done the reporting is full of negative evaluations, none positive. Besides the process is being recorded from so far away it is impossible to identify the respondent. Hard to make out whether an ordinary Tbilisi-dweller is responding or anyone else.

I would like to offer a number of assessments, audible off-screen: "a friend of sneaks, nourished, unsatisfied, swindler, mean, shaky, liar, agent, slave to money, betrayed president …. God bless you, everything is clear!

Now I am going to tell you about another "pearl" of Real TV. One of the TV stories is called Animal Policy. A well-known yellow stand is placed at the Zoo, along open-air cages. The stand again features the photos of the opposition representatives. A smart journalist is making a parallel between politicians and animals. The Zoo director is assisting the journalist. Assessments: "Everyone having betrayed president is an animal, Natelashvili- jackal, Gamkrelidze – badger, Levan Gachechiladze – monkey, Burjanadze – hen, pig, Kakha Kukava – monkey, Beselia – snake, Alasania- KGB agent, monster.

The Zoo director is explaining the comparison with animals through the influence of Georgian cartoons. The journalist on its side clarifies the audience that "foxes, monkeys and badgers have exactly same characters in the cartoons as in reality. Due to these characters and past political lives the Georgian politicians found themselves in the list having found similarities with animals."

A man stuck to the stand told the journalist philosophically: "First there was an animal and then a human, therefore humans are more alike animals. According to the same logics … the journalist, Zoo director, President and other members of the government are also similar to animals."

- But which animals? The Zoo director might have his viewpoint but I don’t think he ever dares to say that live on air. Or who is going to pose him a question of a kind? – a Real TV journalist? Nonsense!

- Few months ahead of making such a hideous TV story by Real TV the opposition activists called President as a hare and even brought this tiny animal to his residence. Within the forthcoming days Maestro TV air was filled with far more insulting assessments but there is a world of difference between Maestro production at that time and Real TV’s programmes today. In the course of the spring 2009 protest rallies the authors of insults and abusive actions were politicians and activists including Georgian singer Levan Gachechiladze, anchoring Maestro TV programme Cell #5. By that time none of journalists, none of the opposition news outlets was offensive to politicians.

Real TV, let alone journalists ethics, is trampling down common moral. The main target of its information policy is of course opposition and its leaders. The television is especially unfavorable to the opposition representatives "having betrayed President." Irakli Alasania is heading the "black list" compiled by Real TV. God only knows whose TV channel is producing TV stories about him and doesn’t spare offensive words. I have come across another "masterpiece" in the TV archive.

The TV anchor informs the audience of obtaining an interview from Irakli Alasania, running for the position of Tbilisi Mayor. I got ready to watch, and what do I see?! On the opposite side of the journalist a man’s stuffed body is resting in the armchair. His face is papered with Alasania’a photo. Journalist, looking rather serious, is posing questions to the stuffed body, and making few-second pauses in-between questions.

I have never seen anything of a kind, either in a comedy or thriller. I still cannot understand who needs such programmes, funding of a television of a kind, offenses, mockery. While the information policy of all national broadcasters is being controlled by the authorities why was the launching of Real TV so important? To make a comparison with Maestro TV? No, I can’t compare it with Maestro. For me it’s hard to guess, maybe you can tell me something?







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