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Tamar Karelidze

Eka Khoperia’s Women's Happiness

10.01.2014 10:48

I do remember nation’s resentment at Nanuka Zhorzholiani when appearing on air as a respondent for the TV program made in Egypt. Nanuka kept on telling about her personal life and women’s happiness. Jealous Georgians (especially women) starting chatting how much she dares, how shameless she is, how she craved to be interviewed but having failed she did it herself … in Nanuka’s case it happened once but it did not turn out to be the only one…

For years now Eka Khoperia has, along with Georgian/Tbilisian glamour and Beau Monde opted for family idyll and not only others’. In the TV program Panorama, for instance, we saw a report on the photo session about famous Georgian mothers, Khoperia together with her kids turned out to be the main protagonist. As regards the photo session we presume TV viewers have seen it in the City magazine (it is noteworthy that the aforementioned print edition is owned by Eka Khoperia).

A big and light house, husband, kids, some men hustling in the kitchen, hustle, New Year’s tree, guests, presents, stories from family life, guitar, song, real Georgian table, and a role of a happy housewife – all the aforesaid from Eka Khoperia’s Christmas TV program. Watching it you keep on feeling uncomfortable. Feels like you have intruded into someone’s privacy without asking and you are watching it like a phantom.

In general family videos are priceless. The price, along with time, goes up. It has got one shortcoming though – it’s a family belonging, and a as a rule, it is of no much interest to public. Exceptions are the so-called celebrities that do not exist in Georgia and in case they do New Year’s TV programs about them have been produced so many times that the whole country knows them by heart. Let alone minor inconvenience and conflict of interest it sounds a little bit high to cram yourself into “celebs” category and, moreover, believing in it so much that preparing a TV program about your own family.

Few years ago when Nanuka’s Show became the target of criticism it has been much spoken that the author was out of the general national context and was telling us about a totally different Georgia. Years after Nanuka landed on the ground but Khoperia inherited making programs about another Georgia. Her News Year’s program was one of a kind. The stars rushing in the red carpet were proudly telling us about world leading designers they would wear at the most “chic evening.” At the same time they hoped for the “most chic” title. Looking at their everyday life you happen to entertain a very well-ground doubt that expensive brands were not in their possession but simply rented for them for a particular evening.

Another issue is the identity of so called “stars” ramming over red carpet at the most chic evening. People have no idea about most of them, who they are, what they do but still belonging to elite. And posing questions about elite sounds retarded.

Eka Khoperia’s talk show is of entertainment-cognitive-social (?) nature, telling about non-existing luxurious life to the people living somewhere in a remote village. At times the program is furnished with the author’s family idyll and now and then touches upon some issues of concern.

According to general opinions family idyll and women’s happiness is somehow a matter of privacy. And normal people would feel uncomfortable when finding oneself, due to certain circumstances, in others’ world. We all believe that Eka Khoperia has got a wonderful family and she feels very happy. And she has found herself in journalism. There is no extra need to make people believe in it and make people happy of her happiness – isn’t the Lord’s chosen Georgian nation the kindest of the mankind?!


P.S.  I do permit you to remind me of this post when I find genuine women’s happiness and start making high-ranking TV program about my own idyll on my own channel.







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