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20.11.2013 12:06
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Google+ is like an ocean.  From viewpoint of users it may seem to be explored while it still keeps many secret areas inside.  It also has “the ocean” of possibilities as Google+ (Plus) is Google service and everyone knows what extent of combination Google is. 

Google launched its own social network in the Internet in 2011 and thanks to great effort by 2013 it gathered over 500 million active users.  By the statistics of increasing number of users it exen exceeded the most successful social network Facebook.  Despite that Google Plus still remains the “shadow” of the Great F.  Meanwhile Google is a completely different world; completely different! 

First thing that can be counted as a plus of Google Plus is its multi-functionality.  Google took systems of already existing networks and united them in one client: 

- Newsfeed, events and by this Google Plus - Facebook;

- Hashtags and breaking news in one area, system of communication with other users and by this Google Plus is Twitter;

- .GIF extension files and Google Plus is Tumblr;

- Flexible system for viewing photos and saving the in original resolution and Google Plus is Flickr;

- Check-in separate graph and Google Plus is Foursquare. 

With new Communities, Hangouts and some other gadgets Google Plus just formed into Google Plus. 

One of the main pluses of Google Plus is its integration with other services of the Company.  For example:  Harry opens a restaurant in Brooklyn and tries to let everyone know, but without result.  After he finds out he can place his restaurant on Google map, upload photos and shoot a promo-video for YouTube.  A Japanese tourist accidentally finds the restaurant via Google Plus and visits it.  Kitchen is good, environment is also ok so the tourist makes a Check-in via his telephone and writes his comment.  After friend of this Japanese tourist Sao sees this comment on his wall and goes to eat missed Japanese dishes in America.  Harry is happy and so are Japanese tourists. 

If I decide to travel I will also use Google to study local area.  Google Plus is integrated with Google mail, Google search engine, different applications, YouTube and this is just a start. 

By the way, Google’s important initiative was the Hangout – video-calls and video-conferences, which can be streamed, live in YouTube.  Google has other pluses too: it is more flexible than Facebook and better suits modern tablets and smartphones.  Anyway, it has fit modern challenges better than Facebook.  Google Plus is a new generation social media client. 

But… Google is not just a plus, it also has minuses:  Facebook and Twitter operate faster; in addition Google Plus does not have Facebook-like News Ticker which refreshes information in real-time, messaging is not that comfortable and user active and simplicity is not that good also. 

Facebook has managed to gather great information, it describes whole story of humans and it very hard to leave it.  Another thing:  Google Plus complicated functions and possibilities confuses majority of users.  For many favorite social network is like a big village and not a converged newsroom packed with modern technologies.  Google has chosen for its social network to be a very powerful social media manager and weak as social network.  







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