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How to (not) make political advertisement

27.10.2013 17:01

As they say I’m not a “PR specialist” but my work in media has given me enough experience to differ good PR from bad PR.  I have at least certain understanding of political communications sphere and this does not allow me to observe the process like pre-election campaign without interest; even when the process is so dull and uninteresting as now, in October 2013. 

I will not speak about quality of advertisement clips now. 

Artistic Value - 0! Creativity -0! 

This is the assessment by blogger colleague Lasha Kavtaradze and can only agree to it. 

In the given blog-post I would like to assess the public relations strategies of candidates and parties or their PR specialists.  Of course I cannot give grades to everyone; I will not spend my eyes, ears and mind on that, but I have already seen several “creations” and I want to show them to you too.  

The given campaign probably appeared to be mostly successful for Zurab Kharatishvili!!!  He himself knew (hopefully) that he would not be elected president, but his popularity increased.  The given politician managed and associated himself with one specific value:  he sees the power of Georgia in its diversity – we have all remembered this well in his videos.  Positioning himself and communicating one message is very important for a politician.  For example, despite the fact that Davitashvili has been a politician since I was born, for me he is still not associated with one value, principle or idea.  He “strives” towards justice but for so many years he has not clarified to me what justice means for him and how he plans to recreate it. 

It would not have been bad for Mr. Kharatishvili to leave his office for the advertisement, but for a USD 100 clip he has found the best solution!  Voters got acquainted with Zurab Kharatishvili as with a politician who believes that the different must come to an agreement.  In the given blog I assess just a video-clip, but would like to say that the given advertisement (although for a C) has done its job.  

One free advice:  90 seconds of free advertisement means that you must use the given time as necessary and air dynamic clips on TV; watching one 90-second clip is a torture!  Still, Targamadze had so much to say at once that he used minute-and-a-half completely. 

Effort can be seen in the creation; he threw one stone at Ivanishvili, another one at Saakashvili; it is not a bad product and is well put together but if I may quote Stanislavsky – I don’t believe!  I just don’t believe this person!!! I have understood the “be fast slowly”, but I still don’t understand the “Forward! Back!” thing; meaning Christian-Democrats’ slogan – “To Europe with Fundamentalism!” 

Mr. Giorgi, others still have a lot to learn from you:  “I intend to tell you bare truth! And the truth is that…” you say and define your postulates.  Good job! It is not a bad idea! Your competitors do not manage to do it, although such demagogy is quite out-of-date and probably will not work. 

When watching the collage of your past achievements I again realize why I have this “I don’t believe” feeling.  I have one question – didn’t you have at least one photo with your newborn child, in which you would not wear a suit?  Do you understand why I ask this? 

Do you understand why I don’t believe you? 

Now we go to the worst case!  If it was for me I would give some special prize to Margvelashvili and his PR specialists!!!  I would give them some special medal to them for their feebleness and unprofessionalism!  First of all when you represent a governing party you should at least manage for opposition-made anti-advertisement not to be aired earlier and more frequently than your image clip!  They at least did one useful thing; they have created best examples for illustrating how political advertisement must not be made! 

It cannot be the way that in a candidate’s clip we do not see his close-up.  Manana Kobakhidze’s purple dress is not bad in this clip, but a close-up of the face of well-lit, smiling future president would have been a lot better!  

Are these people current and future students of GIPA?  We already know that this man was a successful rector and students like him!  We also know that he does not respect elders (Nationals showed us this in Margvelashvili’s anti-advertisement).  Would not it have been better if you would “help” by advertisement where your candidate has problems? 

Electorate consists of representatives of different ages and circles and if your product is not plaster or a notebook, making only student-oriented advertisements is not a correct strategy. 

Now I want to switch to the tastiest dish – the National Movement!  It’s apparent that somebody gave it a good thought and came up with an idea:  in the current situation Nationals’ candidate has fewer chances, but the given elections are just one (and insignificant) stage. 

Main thing is getting ready for the big game! 

Nationals first asked themselves what they want to achieve in short and long term perspectives.  After this they defined tactics in presidential elections.  These people know what PR is! 

The PR specialist can only be praised for coming up with the idea to count competitor’s 83 promises and react to each one of them.  The party is so unpopular today that there’s not much left to boast with.  They still managed to maximally use the free advertisement time and “bombed” us with own messages!  

After “honeymoon year” with the Dream they remind us of everything we don’t like or something we should not like.  Frequently repeated lies finally become truth, as they say, and in this case when the governing force really deserves critics, Nationals have chosen the best strategy. 

If the given party would be doing the job just as good as it PRs it, their candidate would have my vote guaranteed.  But this time I have no other way but to go and cross everyone.  I know I’m not alone in this! 


Blog is prepared by financial support from the Open Society – Georgia Foundation in framework of the Project – Hidden and Political Advertisement Monitoring during 2013 (Presidential) Pre-Election Period.  








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