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Salome Pkhaladze

Twitter- Important Attribute of Modern Media

24.10.2013 14:37


#- This symbol is recognized by many Georgians as just a # button they’re used to seeing on their telephones, occasionally used for activation of certain services. However, the symbol # or a “hashtag”, if put in the language of Twitter, is one of the most important attribute of world’s communication, which helps a social network user in categorizing various topics. You can add a hashtag to your word or message(using no spaces between words in case of a phrase; 140 symbols is the limit of the message). For example, #Georgianmedia and this “twit” of yours will be included in every published category of messages touching upon the subject of Georgian media. Unfortunately we don’t have an adequate translation for hashtag in Georgian, hence I use its international name.

Twitter is the pioneer of the hashtag, though the symbol will soon become part of Facebook too. The Vice President of Facebook said at the television industry conference held in the sphere of partnership in Cannes, that “ social networks have become an integral part of the television industry, now matter which direction you look at, you see Facebook, Instagram, Twitter integrated into the television experience…. “hashtags are part of the Internet language and now of Facebook language too. Soon we’ll have an opportunity to open trending topics.

Twitter isn’t yet as popular as Facebook in Georgia. Our country is in the process of development and hasn’t as yet kept pace with contemporary achievements. Our media companies have just recently made acquaintance with social networks and haven’t yet fully comprehended its advantage, influence and importance.

American television companies are a clear illustration as to how to take advantage of the social media in order to increase the number of viewers and the degree of their interaction. NBC Late Night with Jimmy Fallon even has a special hashtag rubric(#Latenighthashtags). This gives ordinary people a chance to become part of the show and express their opinions before millions of viewers, and do it in a simple way by using Twitter. Hashtags, attributes of conversations on a social network, create trending topics, which in turn gives an opportunity to know what has the greatest popularity in the world for the time being.

Twitter is also very popular among news reporters. Journalist of the NYT Jennifer Preston says in her interview given to Twitter Blog: “During Boston Marathon Bombings we were relying on the official sources and materials uploaded on Twitter by ordinary users, and by doing so, not only we were reporting the developments, but also telling stories by using grouped messages- “twits”….. The official Twitter messages of Boston Police Department, hospitals, universities, state agencies helped us to timely inform our readers.” For the full version of the interview see the following link:

Seth Mnookin is an independent journalist. He was a witness to the Boston tragedy in April 2013. The world was “starving” for information from Boston, and Seth could provide it. He used Twitter for that purpose and had the number of his followers increased from 10 thousands to 30 thousands.

Twitter team has special recommendations for people working in the media. That information will be also useful for Georgian journalists.

In order to have the number of followers on your Twitter page increased use the 4 following items:

1. Post the news immediately

2. Use hashtags

3. Share with others what you read

4. @Cite your sources

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