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Rusudan Tskhomelidze

We Were Late!

02.07.2013 09:44

Last week we journalist organized a rally which was truly short, yet very effective. The banner with the inscription “Do Your Duty! Save Children’s Life!” we held for only several minutes. Then the Minister of Health, Labor and Social Affairs come to us and said that the amount of money necessary to save the life of Mirza Tsetskhladze had been collected, that with the aid of kind people, the Minister would add the deficient amount to the sum collected by Dito Tsintsadze Support Fund and the family of the child.  This was considerable amount of money.

Unfortunately, we, the society and the government were late! Mirza had the leakage broken out, so he was connected to medical ventilation apparatus. This is the expected result of the treacherous disease, and therefore we hurried in our attempt to collect the money, yet we were late. For 9 months Mirza’s parents have been struggling alone, knocking at every door possible, trying to meet with different officials, representative of business, but all turn out to be in vain. Yesterday the mother was only recollecting how Mirza was calling to her to come and watch the news, featured by TV, which related the story how sums of money amounting to millions were being allocated to various destinations…. The child couldn’t understand how it was possible that the country that spends so much on different fields could not afford to appropriate the money necessary to save his life…..

Neither could we, journalists understand this. We simply couldn’t understand why the right to live, protected by the constitution, is disregarded in this country, why a tender for a lesser number of jeeps couldn’t be held in various governmental agencies, why a million couldn’t be spared from the total number of bonuses given?! The parent of Ana Romanidze were as well going door to door, seeking for help. This was during the period of the former government… the time when millions were spent on construction projects the purpose of which was unclear, as well as on expensive trips….at the time when money were being allocated from the budget for the cosmetic operations of politicians, but no money was found to save Ana’s life. Hence our attempt to remind the government its duty. And to our great surprise, we have been heard this time, but journalists, as well as the society and the government were late, however!

Was there any other solution? Yes, it was. If a center for marrow transplantation didn’t exist in our country, Mirza would have been given the necessary medical treatment right upon the raising of the necessary amount of money. Now his parent do have a plane ticket to Italy, as well as the money, but instead their child is fighting death at the resuscitation department. A center for marrow transplantation is about to be launched at Iashvili Children’s Hospital. We were told that installation of specific suction equipment is the only thing left to be done, but that the process is temporarily stopped. According to the Manager of the Hospital, private structures do not see commercial benefit in this case, and that so far there is no programme funding for that matter.

What is the government going do? Finance Minister Nodar Khaduri told us that the budget for 2014 as well implies the creation of onco-hematologic department that will have a center for marrow transplantation. This will be a state clinic. But in case an operation isn’t funded by a governmental program, it will impossible for a family to find the money necessary for the treatment, just as it happens abroad. There will considerably lower prices in our country, yet the cost of such operation will still be quite high. We’ve been told at the Ministry of Finance that they’re working on the issue of programme funding.

13 year-old Giorgi Gabedava, being the patient of the onco- hematologic  department, cannot wait until 2014 or until the building of the hospital is finished. Health Minister Davit Sergeenko, who yesterday visited the hospital to inquire about the health state of Mirza Tsetskhladze, once again confirmed to us that the amount of money necessary to save the life of Mirza had already been allocated. In this case too we –journalists will join forces with the society and the government, i.e. the government will add the necessary amount of money to the amount raised by the fund, and Giorgi will be transported to Europe for the transplantation of marrow.

How active the society is? In our struggle for the life of Mirza, we’ve been supported by not only be people living in Georgia, but from abroad as well. Everyone contributed the amount he could afford. Within the framework of the Global Charity Trust, one of the world’s biggest charity marathons in Georgia, which in turn unites 12 children’s charity association( Nelson Mandela Fund, Virgin Unite, Tusk and others), a charity evening was held on Saturday at Buddha Bar. The guests which were invited that day we supposed to dedicate an hour to charity purposes. Apart from couple exceptions, no representatives of the executive and legislative government attended the event. Neither  the representative of the large scale business considered it necessary to dedicate an hour to the children. Was it a display of indifference? I believe it was. The future will give a clearer picture for that matter. Perhaps, those that didn’t come will support us in other way…. The thing is that we’re late for the awakening!


The doctors will tell by the end of summer whether yet another little girl needs transplantation of marrow. Still there many lives to be saved, and that’s why journalists and the society should be more consistent in their effort to help. We don’t have the right of being late anymore! Mirza has been patiently waiting the collection of money for him, but the disease can’t wait! Only a miracle can save him now, and hopefully he won’t become another victim that fell pray to helplessness!







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