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22.10.2012 07:56

I consider Imedi as another philanthropic project – Ina Gudavadze

Maia Tsiklauri
Media about media

“Television must be objective and balanced.  It must not serve anyone,” new owner of Imedi TV, BadriPatarkatsishvili’s widow Ina Gudavadze told Liberali Magazine

“I would say the mirror of the television must not be unclear.  If something goes wrong, we must be held responsible.  To tell you the truth I’m a little afraid of how we will manage all this.  It is a little hard for us as we do not live here permanently and do not know the reality and situation very well.  Still, now we will pay more attention and will involve in ongoing processes more,” Gudavadze said in an interview with Liberali. 

According to Gudavadze, the television will temporarily be managed by her daughter LikaPatarkatsishvili and her deputy is journalist RezoSakevarishvili.  Before that RezoSakevarishvili worked for radio Liberty.  Before that he was Chief Editor of Georgian Office of Forbes Magazine, although left the given post due to opposition with Magazine management.  Reason of opposition was the well-known interview with Bidzina Ivanishvili. 

“He (Rezo) already entered the television and is getting acquainted with the situation.  This person was recommended to us by many.  We discussed several candidates, but thought that his candidature was the best; and he is former Imedi employee, has serious economic education; he is a very balanced person with his way of thinking, viewpoints and principles; he is also non-political.  I believe the given choice is very important and shows where we are going,” Gudavadze told Liberali. 

According to her, no decision has been made in the television about staff changes yet and if anyone believes they are guilty of something, they can leave the company themselves.  Head of the news service will be selected in Imedi most carefully.  The given post is still occupied by Mate Kirvalidze. 

“We will discuss everything.  We have facts and we will know public opinion also.  It will not be like we will fire everyone; what did they do wrong who have worked well?  They should all ask themselves if they deserve to stay at the channel or not.  If someone will not realize himself he has to leave and we will have radically different opinion we will have to dismiss such individuals,” Gudavadze says. 

Patarkatsishvili’s family believes that Board of Trustees must be created in the TV-Company.  According to Gudavadze, the Board must consist of publicly trusted persons.  Board of Trustees will be created after settling financial and legal issues in Imedi. 

“We realize Imedi will be the project that will need to be invested in.  I look at it as at another philanthropic project.  I really do not need this television for business.  I do not plan to use it for business purposes and I have no political ambitions,” Ina Gudavadze told Liberali. 

According to Gudavadze, the TV-Company was returned after agreement with government and agreed on peaceful process of handover.  Patarkatsishvili family does not plan to launch the Court trial. 







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