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16.10.2012 16:27

The Prime Time Made into Political Edition - The Alia

David Mchedlidze
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prime time 16.10.2012 (photo: )

Reporting to the Georgian daily Alia Tamar Pkhakadze, Editor-in-chief of the Prime Time says her print edition has changed the profile and made into political one. We have “investigation” rubric added. Journalism investigations will be carried out in every field,” says Tamar Pkhakadze in the Alia of October 16.

The Prime Time’s editor-in-chief talking to denied the change of the profile, saying politics has always been dedicated a fair amount of space in the newspaper. Political events are just covered on the front page due to their importance. For a month now,” Tamar Pkhakadze told

It is noteworthy that the 60-page Prime Time, which used to be a so called “yellow” edition offered bigger share of reporting to entertainment dedicated only seven pages to leisure activities in the October 15 edition.  

In the same edition the print edition published a statement which points out the following: “If you happen to hold scandalous documents, facts or data; If you think that your right was violated the Prime Time’s department for journalism investigation is willing to co-operate with you.”

Reporting to the Alia Tamar Pkhakadze says that reorganization took place at the newspaper which involved only drivers and their number was cut. “This change did not affect any of the journalists, on the contrary, we hired few more of them,” says Tamar Pkhakadze.







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