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20.09.2012 11:11

“Public Broadcaster does not change its programming schedule due to somebody’s political will, or agitation” - Gia Chanturia

Maia Tsiklauri

Public Broadcaster journalists Eka Kvesitadze and Vakho Sanaia believe that the Public Broadcaster must work in different regime and format due to the revealed facts of torturing of inmates and a special talk-show must be dedicated to the topic.  What is the position of the Director General of the Georgian Public Broadcaster Gia Chanturia on the given issue and will the programming schedule of the channel change? – These are the questions that asked Gia Chanturia. 

Mr. Chanturia, journalists of the Public Broadcaster Eka Kvesitadze and Vakho Sanaia believe that the channel should have changed to different regime of work due to the facts of torturing of inmates; what is your opinion on the given issue? 

Everyone has their own opinion, although together with that opinion they have their programs with the editorial independence of which nobody interferes; they have all the possibility to do what they want.  I’m surprised why they did not make any statements on the given problem before and now they want it; unlike Moambe (GPB newscast) which dedicated several serious reports to the problems existing in the penitentiary system and to the reports of the Public Defender.  Vakho and Eka have their programs and they can do whatever they want in relation to the given problem; this is not a problem. 

As for the change of programming schedule of the channel it is not in their competence.  This may be their wish, but they have not official appealed to me on the given topic. 

First Channel aired material in which Eka Kvesitadze speaks with a student about their demands.  The Channel assessed this conversation as leading the protest rally; is this true? 

From what I heard I understood that she gave instructions against her own corporation; this probably is counted as normal action, unfortunately for students also.  The same students spoke to me about their own opinions and it is unfortunate that actually it was not their opinion, but result of Eka’s instructions.  This is not good neither for students nor for Eka who did not say anything inside the organization and went outside and spoke there. 

Do you plan to dismiss Eka Kvesitadze from the job because of this? 

I have had many reasons to dismiss Eka, but it is not in my principles.  I usually refrain from dismissing people because of such facts; I am anticipating her program Sunday; I want to see what she will do. 

This channel has more talk-shows than any other channel.  Public Broadcaster does not change its programming schedule due to somebody’s political will, or agitation.  We are the Public Broadcaster and have a very precise programming schedule.  Our goal is to completely inform the society and objectively cover events.  This is what we do and for the cause we have several talk-shows and newscasts.  Who saw our newscasts will say that w covered all the facts quite professionally.  I believe that yesterday’s Moambe must be the example of how a newscast must be made.  Experts should see it and evaluate it.  If the journalists have a sense of inadequacy they have their programs and should use their professionalism to the full.  I think they should have shown interest to the given topic before also, when the Public Defender made statements and criticized the penitentiary system. 







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