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14.09.2012 12:51

Political Advertisement most Expensive at Imedi and Cheapest at Ninth Channel

Maia Tsiklauri
Media Discusions

Allocation of political advertisement is most expensive at Imedi TV.  According to tariffs posted at Imedi website for the period of 10-17 September, on weekend political subjects wishing to allocate political advertisement during Shua Kalaki (Downtown) film series must pay GEL 22,351 per minute.  Series are aired at 10 p.m. Satuday and Sunday.  Tariff for allocating advertisement during Girl from Suburb film series is GEL 20,364 per minute. 

Political advertisement during Imedi main newscast Cronika (8:00 p.m.) will cost GEL 16,390 per minute.  Tariff is the same for allocating political advertisement at 9 p.m. Rustavi 2 newscast Courier.  Most expensive political advertisement on Rustavi 2 is during the film series – My Wife’s Girlfriends.  The given series are aired from Monday through Thursday at 10:15 p.m. and the duration is up to one hour.  Political advertisement during Rustavi 2 Comedy Show is GEL 16,390 per minute. 

According to the information on the TV-Companies’ websites political subjects willing to allocate advertisements must address the General Media LLC.  Per order of the State Auditor from 6 August 2012 advertisement allocators must pay in advance. 

According to the Election Code, charged advertisement time allocated by a TV-Company during 1 day must not exceed 15% of its daily broadcasting time and none of election subjects can have more than one-third of this time.  Tariff for charged political advertisement for all election subjects (both qualified and not qualified subjects) must be equal.  General broadcasters and also broadcasters that air pre-election advertisements are obliged to free-of-charge allocate 90 seconds per every 3 hours in a non-discriminatory way to all qualified election subjects. 

Broadcasters are also obliged to provide detail information on advertisement tariffs and times consumed by election subjects on weekly basis to the Georgian National Communications Commission and to post the given information on their websites. 

According to the documentation provided, during 31 August – 3 September on Imedi TV National Movement’s charged political advertisement was aired during 35 minutes.  National Movement also completely used the time allocated for free political advertisement.  Their free-of-charge advertisement was aired during total of 84 minutes. 

Giga Nasaridze’s organization Georgia is not for Sale purchased total of 100 minutes of political advertisement time. 

Other political parties have not allocated charged political advertisements on Imedi TV.  Christian Democratic Union, Georgian Dream and Labor Party of Georgia used free advertisement time. 

At Public Broadcaster tariff of 1 minute of political advertisement does not exceed GEL 3,150.  This is the tariff for 1 minute of political advertisement from 7 p.m. to 12 a.m. in any program of the GPB. 

Documentation turned in to the GNCC shows that from 31 August to 6 September none of the parties have appealed to the Public Broadcaster for charged, of free political advertisement time. 

During the same period the United National Movement purchased 24 minutes of charged political advertisement and used 68 minutes for free political advertisement at Maestro TV.  Georgian Dream purchased 40 minutes and aired 70 minutes of free political advertisement.  Christian Democratic Union (78 minutes) and Labor Party of Georgia (68 minutes) have also used free advertisement time on the given channel. 

Like at Maestro TV cost of charged political advertisement is also highest at Kavkasia TV from 7 p.m. to 12 a.m. and equals GEL 1,020 per minute.  Political parties have not allocated charged political advertisements at Kavkasia TV, although time has been purchased by the Georgia is not for Sale organization (total of 1 hour air time.) 

United National Movement, Christian Democratic Party and Georgian Drem have used free advertisement time at Kavkasia TV.  According to the documentation Labor Party boycotts Kavkasia TV. 

Unlike these political parties tariffs for political advertisement at the Ninth Channel are quite low.  Highest tariffs are set for the time from 7 p.m. to 12 a.m.  Tariff is only GEL 390 per minute.  Despite that from 3 September through 10 September none of political subjects have purchased advertisement time at the given channel.  United National Movement, Christian Democratic Union and Georgian Dream have used free advertisement time at the given channel.  Labor Party has not allocated free political advertisement at the Ninth Channel just like it did not at Kavkasia TV. 

At 15 August session Georgian National Communications Commission approved the Regulations for Media Participation and Usage during Election Process.  As result broadcasters have been obliged to report to the GNCC on allocation of political advertisements on weekly basis.  Reports must include tariffs for charged political advertisement for next week and information on advertisements aired during previous week. 







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