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06.04.2012 10:28

Global TV planning to notify the US Embassy about the situation with the Company

Maia Tsiklauri
Media about media

6-8 April Versia newspaper reports about the problems created around the Global TV Company.  According to the newspaper, Imedi TV and Rustavi 2 dissapeared from the Global TV cable company broadcasting network per request of the management of Imedi andRustavi 2.  Versia reports thatRustavi 2 continues cooperation with Caucasus TV and Imedi TV signed contract withBlack Sea Sat. 

Versia reports that TV companies Mze and Sakartvelo (Georgia) have also refused to be part of Global TV package. 

Global TV management told Versia that government is trying to exile the Company from cable TV market and that the pressure came as result of inclusion of the Ninth Channel in the broadcasting package.  According to them, the Ninth Channel will launch broadcasting in several days. 

Zurab Bazlidze, Global TV Marketing Director told Versia that the main problem created for the company is damaging equipment necessary for broadcasting. 

“Customs creates unreal barriers for importing our equipment toGeorgia.  Part of equipment has been damaged and cannot be repaired.  All our cargoes go through “the red corridor” and Customs clearance process often continues for 20-23 days,” Bazlidze says and clarifies:  “11 thousand caps for receiving signal and 90% appeared to be damaged.  It is physically impossible for such a quantity to be with defect.” 

Global TV plans to solve the problems by appealing to the US Embassy and notifying them about the situation. 

One of the founders of Global TV is Alexandre Ivanishvili, brother of billionaire Bidzina Ivanishvili.  Another co-owner of the Company is American businessman Alex Rosen Hess.  The recently created Ninth Channel is owned by Ivanishvili’s wife Ekaterina Khvedelidze.  







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