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26.12.2011 14:14

Bilateral “Enjoyment”

Maia Tsiklauri
Media Discusions

Relations of several media outlets and their readers lately look like relations of a sadist and a masochist. They teasing us and we let them do it.  We enjoy it equally too, probably; they – from quantity of visitors to their websites and us by letting accumulated aggression go. 
The case is that a new genre of journalists has appeared in our media - the governmental, aggressive-moronic journalism.  Websites of one holding are mainly into the given genre, meaning the Caucasus Internet Media Group.  As soon as oppositional political opinion of a politician or public figure is confirmed the real fiesta starts at those websites.  They instantly post materials “confirming” Russian ties with a given person, colored with some even insulting words, simple comparisons and sins committed in the past, which may not really exist, but journalists’ imagination and skillful usage of a keyboard fills those gabs.  When there is a politically calm period the websites are full of sexual scandals, biological anomalies and brutal murders.  In parallel you always notice “honest love” in every word written about the governmental team. 

Surprising is that although nobody really believes in the information posted at the given media-holding websites, the visitors just never stop. 

Every day you see on Facebook “shares” from at least ten friends of the articles from that are of course followed by comments such as:  “Are these journalists humans at all?” “I’m outraged,” “This is horrible,” and etc.  All this is followed with lines of condemnation, angry smileys and competition in who will be more successful in assessing the horrible, as horrible. 

And this continues constantly, while finally we, readers remain concerned and the above mentioned odious websites gain more and more visitors.  Increasing number of visitors means many advertisements and many advertisements bring more money (while I really do not think these media outlets are in need financially.) 

I’ve seen biased media and have heard something about yellow press too, but I really do not know which category the above mentioned media outlets belong to.  This is some kind of a new phenomenon in post-soviet Georgia.  I’ve never met a single person (except of several “patriots” working or those websites) who would claim reading anything valuable at any of those sites.  Despite that these websites are in the top 20 of Georgian websites. has an average of 30 000 visitors daily and – up to 18 000.  In spite of the total negative approach, there are so many comments to the articles posted at these websites that any media outlet would envy.  There is another interesting trend – nobody reads the relatively neutral articles and they do not get any comments so I have a question:  why do people go to and if their articles make them nervous?  Why do they share on social networks the articles which are not of informational value? 

P.S. In journalistic environment quite a banal case is what happened in Polant when population turned their TVs towards windows expressing distrust to media.  Almost the same protest was expressed several days ago in Israel against local broadcasters by ultra-orthodox believers – they broke thousands of TVs publicly.  Unfortunately we are still in the era of enjoying concern and are not able to refuse informational junk, which spreads in the Internet like computer viruses. 







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