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10.12.2011 19:30

Moroshkina’s Knife – Georgian Media’s Yellow Blood

David Mchedlidze
Media Discusions

Stephen Kind, the father of horror has got nothing in common with that! Lali Moroshkina did really beat Tako Pkhakadze and did stab a fork in her neck! In general clashes and the use of cutlery is not a rare thing in Georgia, but pathologically drunken guys challenging each other and the employees “intellectual front” dealing with one another with the use of sharp items are two different things. Somebody might need to be reminded that journalist Moroshkina is the author of several tabloid books, Pkhakadze is the editor of a tabloid newspaper Prime Time, and the incident took place in the course of recording the New Year’s edition of Imedi TV talk show Nanuka’s Show.

Moroshkina, Pkhakadze, Zhorhozliani is a truly contrast assortment but after having a scrupulous look the contrast turns out to be just conditional and even a delusion. In fact all three of them have more things similar than distinctive. Moroshkina, Pkhakadze, Zhorhozliani, according to their activities, do not consider people as citizens!

Within “a citizen” I mean a society member being on a constant edge of choice and expecting useful and, most importantly, reliable information from media.

The way he or she is dressed, or who the celeb arrived at the party with or whether her underwear would be visible when crossing her legs, who is sleeping with who and who is cheating who – it’s just an incomplete list of the Prime Time’s (tabloid in general) weekly care, which from time to time includes political-economic-cultural issues but even this case a vast yellowness is being visible…

Nanuka’s Show is a classical stupefying TV tabloid whose coefficient of efficiency (the index independent from rating) is extremely low. No single piece of useful information, no single word about the reasons and ways of solution to the issues of public importance. Policy makers here tell “human stories” about private lives, when discussing economics they are limited to shopping, they relieve others’ trouble and poverty with tears and gifts, and promote culture with another premiere of a song and applauds…

Journalism is obviously a test for moral too, but yellow media is beyond moral and accordingly yellow journalism, without any evasiveness, is not journalism at all! For yellow media, as we have already mentioned, there is no citizen, it targets greedy and easily tempted customers, who, ironically, due to Lali Moroshkina’s behavior, do not share either Nanuka Zjorzholiani’s excitement or Tako Pkhakadze’s anxiety. Virtually that’s the essential difference between a citizen and a customer: for a customer the knife raised by Moroshkina and Pkhakadze’s blood is another series, and for a citizen it’s the violence to be unconditionally condemned!

Accordingly as long as Tako Pkhakadze and Nanuka Zhorhozliani think that I am the customer of yellow stories instead of being a citizen I do not care about their pain and blood. As regards amusement I am truly having a good fun!  







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