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09.12.2011 19:22

Reddish Color of the Green Revolution

David Mchedlidze
Media Discusions

Several million years ago Zezva and Msia discovered Europe.  

Several million months ago Jesus Christ changed the idea of God in mankind. 

Several million days ago Guttenberg defeated the darkness and printed first words in the history of the mankind. 

Several million hours ago Steve Jobs hammered the last nail in the coffin of the enemies of civilization.

Several million seconds ago they were still counting the results of elections inRussia. 

Several million Facebook posts before I started writing this letter (Coca-Cola President’s speech extract has been changed by me; don’t think its plagiarism! – L.L.) 

Russians claim the results of elections have been falsified. 

The situation is developing just as in other places – first the elections were falsified then the Internet-media boomed, bloggers started writing, students activated, protest rallies started…
Quoting my neighbour:  Today, even children are not made without Facebook, who can make a revolution without it?  The number one problem for Kremlin for today is Zuckerberg’s genial creation. 

FSB knows very well that Facebook and Twritter plaid the decisive role in the Arab “Green Revolution” wave. 

So, this green wave rolled further and further and approached the gates ofRussia. 

The immortal John McCain and warned Putin:  Dear Vlad, Arab Spring coming to a neighborhood near you!   

Everyone in the world has already agreed that Facebook is a great power. 

Last week OSCE Ministerial discussed the Internet Freedom Declaration, which was to determine the rights and freedoms of users in the Internet. 

Who do you think blocked this declaration in the OSCE? Russiaof course! 

The greatest scandal followed the arrest of the well-known Russian blogger Navalny. 

Navalny actively protested against the falsification of results after the elections. 

These are all bare facts. 

And behind these facts are hidden several important facts that we should take into account. 


  1. Internet control is in practically impossible.  None of the intelligence services have been able to develop an effective method of controlling it;
  2. The protest wave started in social networks cannot be stopped.  The many profiles they block, twice as many are opened.  The only way out is to arrest users, but they cannot imprison everyone; and many of the users are not afraid;
  3. Majority of users of social networks and bloggers are critical to existing government;
  4. The power of speech is great and furthermore in the space without any borders.  That is why it can be said that bloggers “make the weather” in the modern world.  We can recall Wikileaks story:  the world diplomatic area changed in one day;
  5. Freedom, under whatever risk it may be, always creates the sense of responsibility.  That’s why the Internet-authors in all the countries always protest against violation of rights by intelligence services, or others; may it be the limitation of the freedom of speech, conscience, or choice.  The power of social networks already showed itself in Arab world and the process has also started inRussia…
  6. Naturally, the following question arises:  What will Georgian bloggers and users do if elections are falsified inGeorgiatoo?  Does their word have enough power and authority to initiate a wave of protest? 

We should remember that half of Georgian population still believes a computer to be the “devil’s creation,” and the second half just uses it for viewing photos of neighbor’s children on  Can this kind of society follow the movement started by blogger? 

And the threat of falsification of elections in our country is quite real…

See you later! 

P.S. “- Can’t you hear it man?”

– What?  

–  There’s a sound coming from underground! Come down here; put your ear on the ground! – And he dragged me down the stairs. 

–  Put your ear there; can’t you hear its roar? You know what it means, don’t you?

– What? 

– It means it is coming… coming!   

– Who? Who is coming?

– It is coming with roar, thunder and power; Revolution is coming! 

I was looking at him in astonishment…” (Giorgi Leonidze - “On a village road.”)  







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