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31.08.2009 13:32

The Banks and Finances Newspaper Issued Anniversary Edition

David Mchedlidze
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On July 15 the Banks and Finances, the only economic newspaper on the Georgian market has issued its 200th anniversary edition. The newspaper, founded in 1995 was initially an economic addition to the Gulani newspaper. Following the closure of the Gulani it was issued as an independent economic newspaper. The Banks and Finances was founded by Vazha Beridze, the head of the editorial council and the owner at the same time. Since 1995 the 40-page Banks and Finances used to come out once per month  but since May 13, 2008 the newspaper comes out every Wednesday and contains 24 pages, with the colored cover. The permanent rubrics of the newspaper include: bank news; financial system; economic politics; world economics; political economics; energetics; scientific innovations; agriculture; industry; macroeconomics; expert’s viewpoint and other economic segments. According to Zurab Kukuladze, editor-in-chief, a considerable space of the newspaper is apportioned for advertising. 15 journalists are employed at the newspaper. In addition 10 interns, mainly students are working and gaining experience at the newspaper editorial office. The circulation of the Banks and Finances is 3,000. 50% of the circulation, is being distributed at the state institutions, large commercial organizations, NGOs and of course the bank system. In addition the newspaper has got its devoted readers – 500 permanent subscribers. The remaining 1,000 copies is being retailed. 200-300 copies out of 1,000 go back to the editorial office. Therefore the newspaper is not financially blooming. According to Zurab Kukuladze the financial conditions of the newspaper is proportional to the crisis in the country. "Today our newspaper isn’t having happy times since the crisis affected large companies or so to say the potential advertising customers as well," Zurab Kukuladze pointed out. Readers enjoy  a possibility to read the Banks and Finances articles online as well. The newspaper Website has 200 daily users. Since 1995 the newspaper has changed its logo few times. According to the editor-in-chief the newspaper is working hard on re-branding since the newspaper is oriented on advertising. The logo is of high importance for the advertising customer therefore it is being occasionally renewed," Zurab Kukuladze said. The Banks and Finances actively cooperates with large commercial organizations and banks, but the main partner is a local NGO Young Fantasists and Businessmen Association. In addition the newspaper occasionally implements joint projects in cooperation with various NGOs. Periodically the inserts are being published, another insert Tsnobis Purtseli is to come out in the near future. The newspaper journalists take part in various workshops, conferences and competitions. One of the journalists won a prize taking part in the contest on food safety held with the support of the World Bank.  The newspaper publisher is Banks and finances – Media Ltd. The newspaper is being distributed across  Georgia and costs 50 Georgian Tetri. "We work on raising public awareness corresponding to modern business requirements. We write in a language understandable to the people so that the society were provided the information of their interest. The newspaper offers its readers a thorough analysis of economic events," Zura Kukuladze pointed out. The Banks and finances editor-in-chief has got three deputies Levan Beglarishvili, Merab Janiashvili and Shota Buchukuri. The newspaper editorial office is located at 32, Vazha Pshavela Ave, flat 1. Tel: (+995 32 ) 39 67 48,; Mob: 8(90) 35 22 21; E-mail:;







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