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07.11.2011 16:34

Press Digest for November 7

David Mchedlidze
Media about media

The Georgian weekly Kviris Palitra in its November 7 edition has published a lengthy interview with Georgian business tycoon Bidzina Ivanishvili stating that Georgian national TV channels no longer enjoy influence, neither public reliance. “I have noticed and also read on Facebook that estrangement between people and journalists is being now observable. That is not my objective, I do not want the society to be split because of me and even a single member of the society feeling awkward in our State,” says the Georgian businessman-turned-politician.

Ivanishvili calls upon journalists to be impartial and request them to quit serving the machine of lies.

“I do not demand support but impartiality. They [journalists] should not act in a way to one day find themselves insulated from the Georgian society.”

In his lengthy interview the businessman refers to the press conference of November1 too. Some of the journalists, he said, showed up at the meeting well-prepared.

“That was expectable we had no tool though against it. The situation was being further exacerbated due to the calls some of the journalists received with the demands to somehow discredit the pres conference.” 

Ivanishvili does not think the press conference was arranged in a poor manner. The interest to the event was enormous, he says, and many journalists were willing to pose questions.

“Probably there was some kind of misunderstanding but I am very grateful to the team that helped me. It’s a pity the GPB First Channel did not air the noise that filled the hall. I could hardly hear the voice, I was not quite sure who I was responding to,” says the respondent.

Ivanishvili denies the information disseminated by national channels on the search of journalists’ notepads. The evidence, he says, is available to substantiate it.

“We have got the footage to prove that none of the security guards abused the journalists.”

When summarizing Ivanishvili says the press conference went by in a good manner and the majority of journalists proved to be organized and concerned into the issue. 

The newspaper Versia, in its edition of November 4-6 reports that journalist Vakhtang Komakhidze of the Reporter Studio is planning to film documentaries about Georgia.

Reporting to the Georgian print edition Komakhidze, being granted asylum in Switzerland, says a series of documentaries will be included in European TV programming too.

“The journalism investigation about Georgia however critical the issue might be, revives no interest in Europe, but instead, due to neighborhood policy, the situation in regard to Georgian economics, politics, current reality is of concern,” says Komakhidze.

The Tabula magazine of November 7 has published material about online relations.

In 2008 Georgia signed the Council of Europe Convention on Cybercrime, consequently in 2010 amendments have been made to the Georgian legislation. According to the amendments the possibility of monitoring of personal internet communications – observing the open and closed internet communications in the global information network and participation in them has been legalized.

Levan Sutidze, the author of the aforementioned publication asserts the law enforcement used to enjoy a possibility to monitor online forums of different kind as well as social network and torrents prior to the amendment too but the information gleaned this way would not be used as evidence.

The given amendment was appealed by the Georgian Young Lawyers Association (GYLA) at the Constitutional Court of Georgia. GYLA believes that the entry such as “observing the open and closed internet communications in the global information network and participation in them” is vague. The GYLA lawyers assert the given subparagraph provides no possibility to learn the form the closed communication is being controlled.

The article includes the comment by Otar Kakhidze, head of analytical department of the Minister of Justice stating that in the CoE conclusion no remark has been made in regard to the paragraph.







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