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25.10.2011 18:04

Press about Pressure on ‘Dardubala’ Scenarist

David Mchedlidze
Media about media

Newspaper Resonance issue of October 25 writes about the scenarist of the program Without Accreditation and animation series – Dardubala Zviad Bliadze, who has left the programs due to the pressure from the authorities.  “He has explained the reasons and said that the pressure is increasing.  I assume they have threatened him with something a lot scarier than firing his relatives from their jobs.  This is a clear example of how much the government is afraid; whey they are fighting Zvio, it means they are afraid,” Resonansi gives the comment from Dardubala producer Shalva Ramishvili. 

According to Ramishvili, the renewed Dardubala, which is to be financed by businessman Bidzina Ivanishvili, will “feature” all the acting politicians, including the billionaire who has joined in politics (Ivanishvili). 

October 25 Alia also writes about Zviad Bliadze’s statement.  The newspaper published an interview with the producer of the animation series Dardubala, Shalva Ramishvili.  “Zviad Bliadze’s brother is one of Adeishvili’s (Minister of Justice of Georgia, Zurab Adeishvili) bodyguards; this is were this pressure comes from,” Ramishvili told Alia. 

Akhali Taoba also published the news from the news agency Medianews, according to which Internet page Wikileaks is suspending operation due to the lack of finances.  Wikileaks operated from donations until now.    







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