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17.10.2011 19:35

October 17 Press Digest

David Mchedlidze
Media about media

Judge Levan Meshveliani expelled Kviris Kronika newspaper journalist from the courtroom for coughing, claims the expelled journalist Darejan Meparishvili wrote herself in October 17 Kviris Kronika issue. The journalist was present at the court hearing of the case of the criminal authority Gaioz Zviadadze at the Kutaisi Court of Appeals.  Darejan Meparishvili’s claim is witnessed by Zviadadze’s lawyer Lali Aptsiauri. 

“Just at that moment when you were expelled from the courtroom I was requesting replacement of the judge.  I announced distrust to the judge and he did not have the right to expel you until he would satisfy, or reject my request,” the lawyer says. 

In the same issue of Kviris Kronika published an interview with one of the founders of Maestro TV Mamuka Glonti.  Glonti speaks about the proposal made by the political secretary of the Georgian Party Erosi Kitsmarishvili to Bidzina Ivanishvili. 

“Refusal of Erosi’s proposal is quite unclear and I even doubt that Ivanishvili has the intention to cooperate with our TV Company,” Glonti says and claims that “such a proposal from Kitsmarishvili to Ivanishvili came as result of pressure from situation created in the society.” 

In October 16 issue Akhali Taoba newspaper publishes the information about the journalistic investigation conducted by American publicist Ken Silverstein – article “Saakashvili accused of bribing journalists.” 

According to Akhali Taoba Silverstein has in detail described how the DC journalists have been bribed by the lobbyist company Orion Strategies as ordered by Georgians.  Orion Strategies organizes meeting of journalists with Georgian authorities, including Mikheil Saakashvili himself.  The same company pays for the visits of reports toGeorgiaalso.  

“The ordered articles have not onlyGeorgiasupporting content, but also anti-Russian approaches.   USA-Russian “Reset” policy is negatively affected.  I’m not claiming that journalists who cooperate with Orion write only what they do not agree to, but journalists who work with information and analysis important for the publicity must be more principle,” is stressed in the journalist investigation materials. 

There also is the comment of the University of Columbia professor Alexander Kool who stresses that in the ordered articles Georgian side describes itself as “endangered democracy, but nobody believes that in the USA any more.”  







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