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10.10.2011 10:18

Bidzina Ivanishvili Targeted by Press (October 10 Press Digest)

David Mchedlidze
Media about media

October 10 publications of Georgian press targets the October 7 statement made by the Georgian billionaire Bidzina Ivanishvili on October 7.  Ivanishvili, who plans to found a new opposition party for replacing the current Georgian government, has stated that he would purchase any Georgian broadcaster and would pay three times more of its market value.  In his statement the businessman states that Maestro TV and Kavkasia are also controlled by Saakashvili and they are pseudo-opposition media outlets. 

“Journalists against Bidzina Ivanishvili” – this is the headline of the October 10 interview of Kviris Chronika with representatives of Georgian media.  General Director of Kavkasia TV Nino Jangirashvili told the newspaper that :  “Why did Bidzina Ivanishvili close down his 9th Channel?” “Why did he make the journalists cry?” “Is this how he is going to manage my channel too?” Media expert Ia Antadze says that “aim of any politician must be creating an independent media outlet, not replacing a propagandist headquarters by a media center.” 

Bidzina Ivanishvili requests broadcasting time at the Public Broadcaster.  The given information was circulated by Mteli Kvira (Whole Week) newspaper on October 10.  As it is said in the article the management of the Public Broadcaster agrees to the initiative of the businessman, but it is yet unknown in which political talk show will Bidzina Ivanishvili participate in.  His representatives have not yet started negotiations with the Public Broadcaster management yet.  As it is said in the October 8 statement by Ivanishvili’s press-secretary Irakli Tripolsky, starting October 14 Ivanishvili will be ready to answer any questions of journalists in any format at the Public Broadcaster.  According to the deputy general director of the Public Broadcaster Khatuna Berdzenishvili “the First Channel proposes Ivanishvili to participate in one of the existing political talk shows and not in some new format.” 

“Thunder in a Clear Sky” – this is the headline of the article by the Kviris Palitra on the statement by the businessman.  In an interview with the newspaper one of the founders of Maestro TV Mamuka Glonti describes Ivanishvili’s proposal as “indecent.” 

“It would be different if he (Ivanishvili) had suggested to finance independent journalistic investigations, or other shows we have,” Glonti states. 

In the article - “Elite seeds in Georgian politics” – Tabula journalist Salome Ugulava says:  “Ivanishvili practically never appeared in front media.  There is only one official interview with him.  Public knew Ivanishvili as an owner of the 9th Channel TV company; the TV company was closed down in 2004.”

In its October 10 issue the Kviris Palitra newspaper talks about the request for political shelter made by the Trialeti TV company founder Jonny Nanetashvili.  Nanetashvili appealed to the President of France Nicola Sarkozy and Ambassador of France to Georgia Eric Fournier for political shelter on October 6.  According to Nanetashvili he is being forced to sell the TV Company. 

“There’s pressure from all around; businessmen who bring advertisements to Trialeti are being suppressed,” Nanetashvili told Kviris Palitra. 

“On November 29 2010 Kareli resident Nino Marjanidze and two journalists accidentally heard a conversation of local government authorities in a café saying that if my broadcaster would continue working in the chosen style it would be necessary to eliminate me physically.” 

On October 10 the Kviris Kronika published an interview with a representative of the opposition National Forum Ani Mirotadze.  Mirotadze claims that “the TV channel of the Georgian Patriarchy ‘Ertsulovneba’ (Unity) has been purchased by Vano Merabishvili.” 

According to her ‘Ertsulovneba’ is facing financial problems.  The information has come out of the Patriarchy and the authorities expressed interest to purchasing the broadcaster. 

“I know for sure and categorically claim that the Ministry of Internal Affairs will become the owner of the Patriarchy broadcaster – ‘Ertsulovneba,” Mirotadze told Kviris Kronika. 

October 10 article of the Tabula magazine – “Imedi (hope) of Aliens” – speaks about the misinformation circulated by Georgian media outlets. 

“SETI Institute circulates scandalous information.  Scientists claim that three gigantic flying objects are closing the earth” – this was the first news by the main news program of Imedi TV Company on September 30.  The broadcaster named the Guardian and wikileaks as sources of the given information. 

The allegation about flying objects was instantly “taken up” by different internet news agencies like and although the article published by cleared the issue. 

The given story was published by the well known misinformation agency 

“A separate information published may not influence the society much, but it for sure speaks for the incompetence of the media,” author of the article Nino Macharashvili stresses. 







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