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03.10.2011 12:39

Alia Holding Ltd Sues Revenue Service

David Mchedlidze
Media about media

The Georgian weekly Kviris Kronika of October 3 casts doubts on the impartiality of the rating of Georgian newspapers publicized by the Applied Research Company (ARC). According to the survey the Georgian weekly Kviris Palitra is leading the list with 41,4 percent followed by The Primetime, Kronika, 24 Hours, and Alia. The journalist felt doubts due to the following: according to the sales the 24 Hours enjoyed a higher rating compared with the Alia but the latter turned out to be more readable than the 24 Hours. The newspaper thereby offers the readers an interview with the head of the company Marina Imerlishvili. The Alia journalist requests the head of ARC to identify the customer of the survey, since the media worker suspects the customer to be the representative of the authorities. Imerlishvi though refrains to provide the answer.

The same edition of the newspaper offers the article on the court dispute between the Kviris Kronika and Alia and the Revenue Service. Alia Holding is accusing the state agency of the violations in the process of requesting public information, in particular the public information requested by Alia Holding. On September 20 24 state agencies including the Revenue Service were sent 114 letters. In the letter to the Revenue Service the sender requested the information on the amount of gas and diesel imported to Georgia within the period of July 2010 to August 2011, from which countries  and the companies having carried out the import. A month later the aforementioned state agency delivered a response to the print edition. But considering a part of the aforementioned information as secret according to Article 39 of the Tax Code of Georgia was withheld. Alia Ltd management, thinking the decision is illicit, has lodged a complaint to the court.

The Akhali Taoba is expanding the GPB and PIK (Perviy Informatsionniy Kavkazsky) (First Caucasus News)-related issue in is edition of October 3. "What does PIK spend 18 million on?" questions the journalist and writes on that GPB premises are for sale, the GPB second channel is moving to Kutaisi. The Russian-language TV channel to be apportioned GEL 18 million. The information, says the journalist, was "almost confirmed" by the TV management. According to the official motive the building is quite possible to be sold for being damaged but the journalist suspects the real reason is the launch of construction on the territory adjacent to the TV premises.







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