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29.09.2011 11:19

Guriis Moambe Newspaper Website Hacked

David Mchedlidze
Media about media

"Guriis Moambe newspaper website has been hacked", newspaper Resonance reported September 28, quoting the news agency Pirveli.

According to Resonance, the website stopped functioning at midnight.  Guriis Moambe administration does not comment to the reasons of hacker attack.  Hackers have not been idenfied either.  As the IT department of the newspaper said the website has been damaged from Lanckhuti.

Resonance reports that it is the second time hackers attack the Guriis Moambe website.  First time it happened during the Russian-Georgian war on August 11 2008.

By the decision of the Revenue Service the financial audit in 6 organizations of Media Palitra has been suspended for an indefinite period.  Kviris Palitra newspaper responded to the given fact with the article - "What's Going on in Media Palitra?" - published September 26.

The given decision was announced September 20 when all the inspected organizations received ordered signed byRoman Chkhenkeli, head of the Audit Department of the Revenue Service.  According to Kviris Palitra all the deadlines set by the law on audit were expiring September 29 so the Audit Department had to present a conclusion.

Media holding legal service sent a written request to the Revenue Service asking for explanation on what has become the reason for suspending the audit for an indefinite period.

"It seems like they do not even have any official argument for suspending the audit.  Head of the Public Relations Department of the Revenue Service told us:  "as far as I know the inspectors are writing the conclusion and that is why they suspended the audit," author of the article Emma Tukhiashvili writes.

Prevention Department of the Revenue Service entered 6 organizations of Media Palitra on June 7.  Several warehouses were sealed off in process of commodity-material inventory.  The inspectors recorded commodities worth several millions of GEL.  On June 28 the auditors started inspecting the financial documentation and according to Kviris Palitra, 27 auditors conducted the audit and there were 4 inspectors in each of the organizations.

Resonance newspaper editor-in-chief Lasha Tugushi told Kviris Palitra that "the suspension of the financial inspection at Media Palitra looks like a kind of suspended sentence."

"This in fact means that they will resume inspection any time they want and will executive the company whenever they want," Tugushi said.

On September 28 newspaper Versia published an interview with one of the founders of Maestro TV Mamuka Glonti.  According to him, advertisement is not free in the country and Maestro does not receive even tenth of revenues compared to its rating.

"A journalist should not oppress readers with his emotions and unfortunately there aren't many journalists in Georgia, who realize that.  We would have a completely different situation if there was not the precedent of un-free advertisement market," Glonti claims.

He spoke about the mistakes of Maestro TV and stressed that "sometimes reports are unbalanced and one side is shown more than another."  According to Glonti "even world leading broadcasters make mistakes."

"We often speak about this and I often tell them when I do not like something in a report."

To the question from journalist Rusudan Shelia - "Does Erosi Kitsmarishvili make correction in journalists' reports" - Glonti replies that "Kitsmarishvili does not interfere with the editorial policy."

According to him he does not have information about the relations between Kitsmarishvili and Gachechiladze and about possible selling of the shares of the TV Company.

He denied journalist's information that allegedly after the interview with Irakli Okruashvili was aired by Maestro the Gachechiladzes (Levan and Giorgi Gachechiladze) "had a harsh discussion" with him.

"If any politician will ever win "a harsh discussion" like that I will leave journalism immediately.  You may not believe but I do not speak with Gachechiladzes about politics," Glonti stressed.







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