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25.09.2010 14:49

Come on, Leave Maya Asatiani Alone

David Mchedlidze
Media Discusions

Has Maya Asatiani done anything harm to any of you? On Thursday the new season of the Profile show is to start and its promo has excited the whole of Facebook. This social network didn't lack AntiMayaAsatianism earlier either. Over ten Facebook groups and pages being against Profile and its anchor have been registered, not just being against but feeling aversion. One of the groups is titled Hate Maya Asataiani, the second one - Feel Disgust to Maya Asatiani, the third one - Let's Strangle Maya Asatiani. There is also another one "Maya Asatiani Should be Lynched."

I don't know. From my viewpoint it's the best out of all those cheap, chatty programs. Yes, the Profile show has also made astonishingly horrible programs several times but as a rule the program has been showered with abuse for being insipid and not for making the baby cry to entertain the audience or for not cutting Tengo Gogotishvili's racist statements out. The latest excitement was followed after Georgian gaudy songs aired through the promo. Insipid? Probably yes. Do you know many Georgian TV programs of different kind?

Here is what makes Maya Asatiani's Profile better than others:

1.She is not producing the program on our expense. And the ones making programs on our money start and finish TV seasons so that no one can make a head or tail of it. The Georgian Public Broadcasting appears to be assuming a rather important function today - to be the last boarding spot for the opposition rallies. After partyingthe whole night the youth visit Maspindzelo restaurant at 5 am. There is nothing else open. That's the way the opposition decides to march towards GPB premises following a one-week rally. Thus far this strategy didn't work but you know if you do the same thing with the same result it's better to further doing the same thing, the final result might be different.

2. Maya Asatiani is harmless. If you say something critical about her somewhere deeply in your heart you have no fear that her husband will get angry and you are going to find yourself in detention, or your pocket will be stuffed with Subotex and you find yourself in such crap that even in old age you are going to have a painful flashback when hearing the anchor's name. Throughout years you will be sleeping on a pillow soaked with tears and ahead of falling asleep just few words will be crossing your mind "what the hell prompted me?"

3. A wonderful piece of advice for men has come to my mind and I am going to write it right now until I forget. It has got nothing in common with Maya Asatiani. Once you have to dump away all your socks and then get 20 similar pairs. So you will never have to trouble about matching them. You blindly get two of them being sure they are of the same color. So how do you like it?

4. Maya Asatiani is not throwing away the modest contribution by tens of NGOs and is not taking country back by 200 years in terms of civil liberties. Unlike the Time of Truth whose every edition incites so much homophobia that would take ages to Malkhaz Gulashvili. I can't tell what others think but I always thought that gays are normal people with just a different sexual orientation. Not a bit! I would pray for the repair works of the parade organized by the people appearing in the Time of Truth. We are lost if at least three of them get together, let alone the parade! Spatial-seasonal continuum won't be able to stand the amount of anomaly!

5. People watch the profile show to relax not for learning the news. If Maya Asatiani fails to make a good program it is harmless. But the ones carrying responsibility to tell us the news in the country and around the world are busy with absolutely different affairs.  So Maya Astiani is stupefying the nation and Kronika and Kurieri news outlets are making it wise. May Asatiani should be strangled and "simulated Kornika" - awarded. Profile - "omg, it should be closed down! Lol it's insulting us! How much I hate it! I wish the new season didn't start! Clownery has arrived...

The Profile show is doing its work and quite well. It's the best out of all those cheap chatty programs. Look for insipidity at news services.







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