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26.05.2010 13:39

ITV for Those Having no Time for TV

David Mchedlidze
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TV broadcasting being conducted from an ordinary 14-story building in Tbilisi center, journalists rushing to interviews, editors producing stories, the program presenter getting ready to be on air. Everything seems to be similar to other TVs except one thing, ITV is available via net. ITV is an Internet television, thus far the only one in the Georgian media market. Previously Gevision used to broadcast via net but due to financial problems it stopped functioning in December 2009.

ITV was initiated a year ago by Caucasus Internet Media Group which embraces web portal The company itself belongs to Caucasus Online. ITV is being funded through Caucasus web sites. According to Irakli Chikhladze, head of news outlets the television is going to switch into independent funding in a short while and launch active advertising.

Internet television is mainly focused on news outlets. During the daytime the reports are being regularly posted. A three-man technical team works to publish programming directly on the web site. The main news outlet starts at 21:00 hrs. It doesn't really matter if their technical equipment is of medium quality and their staff is manned with only ten journalists, two editors and six cameramen. One person here is assigned several functions and they do work jointly. Irakli Chikhladze, together with the news service management anchors two programs. We have no possibility to have anyone extra in our staff. Therefore everyone is trying hard to do one's best to contribute to the common undertaking. I am planning a news outlet I have to anchor in the evening, twice per week I produce apolitical talk show. We have got just two editors, therefore I have to edit 3-4 reports," said Irakli Chikhladze. ITV news is being anchored by him and Khatuna Shubitidze in turn.

They choose topics to cover jointly. ITV mic is visible not through political events only. They are not seeking for scandals to raise the rating and they do cover whatever is of interest to the audience. ITV users mainly comprise Georgians residing abroad.

We have a possibility to monitor the flow of users. Many visitors are being observed from Russia, United States, Greece and the countries with considerable number of Georgians living therein. Our web site is also frequently visited by businessmen spending whole days at PC and lacking the possibility to watch TV," Nino Targamadze, ITV General Producer reported.

In addition to the news outlet e have separate rubrics such as interview and new technologies. ITV also provides two talk shows Georgian Business covering current business news and problems and All Questions discussing politics with the invited guest. Talk shows are being posted on the web site unedited. According to the program presenter Irakli Chikhladze due to the lack of space they cannot invite more than two guests. Technical problems are also an issue.

ITV has got up to daily 5,000 visitors on average. ITV runs no advertising, neither through posters on billboards. Only their banners are visible on the Caucasus Online web sites.

"Throughout a year we managed to gain more or less fame and there is no need to introduce ourselves to the respondents. Our rating is not bad which makes us think the chosen path is correct. We are the television of future, gradually developing, our programmes will be smartened soon," said Nino Targamadze.

According to the General Producer ITV will be back on air with a renewed programming. Sports, educational, cognitive programmes are planned to be added. The renovation of the studio is almost complete. Thanks to the additional decorations we can record several programs in there. Three bureaus are to be opened in Adjara, Samegrelo and Svaneti to cover news in the regions.







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