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29.06.2014 00:08

The Tabula Employee’s Pre-Trial Hearing to be Held on June 29

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The Tabula employee’s pre-trial hearing is scheduled to be held tomorrow, June 29 at 14:00 hrs at Tbilisi City Court, the media outlet reports. The Georgian Young Lawyers Association (GYLA) will be representing The Tabula employee and two of his companions.

Reporting to The Tabula lawyer Levan Vepkhvadze of GYLA said the detainees are accused of interference into the police activities. The lawyer also pointed out that some physical injuries have been identified on one of the detainees.  The police allege that the detainees were against drug test.

The police are authorized, in case of reasonable doubt, to test individuals for drugs. However, they are not authorized to do it forcefully. There are certain procedures to be followed, the detained individuals shall be clarified their rights. In particular they were to be enlightened that they had a right to the lawyer, what they were accused of and what the police wanted to get from them. The detained told me no such clarifications had been made. Allegedly they were physically abused,” the lawyer said.

According to The Tabula their employee and two of his companions were detained at 01:00 a.m. June 28 by the patrol police for resistance to the law enforcement officers. The reason of the arrest was not clarified. The police first took them to the police department located at 28 Dolidze Street. The police allege they had been suspected of carrying firearms which was not ultimately found. Their friends were suspicious about the policemen’s sobriety.







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