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06.01.2014 19:34

Artarea Launches Broadcasting

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TV company Artarea has acquired cable broadcaster authorization, and has been on air through Caucasus Online since December 25. Director of the TV company Sopho Khuntsaria says that Artarea will be soon broadcasting through Silknet as well, and in 2014 will gradually connect to the networks of other cable operators.

Artarea is familiar to internet users. The project was created in 2012, and has become the first online television working in the sphere of culture and art. The programs of Artarea are featured on its website The online television keeps functioning in its usual regime, yet its web sphere has now been expended to a TV broadcasting, which Artarea representatives say to have resorted to in order to convey their projects to the wider audience and reach beyond their internet users.

“The majority of Georgian viewers are still television-oriented. So we would like to have a greater reach of media sphere and share our values with television viewers. I think the organization has started a new and interesting stage. I have an experience of working on television, and know the kind of appeal TV production has,”- Sopho Khuntsaria reported to Media.Ge

“Artarea director hopes that the company manages to successfully merge their webpage, television and real space. The project Artarea as well hosts various exhibitions, presentations, or public lectures, and the webpage and TV broadcasting offer an additional opportunity to cover them. One of the content being made in the real space and will be televised, is a series of public lectures “Street Academy”.

We’re also planning to add some new projects accentuating author’s programs, in order to diversify the programs’ profile.

“Natalya Beridze’s program called Twilight is yet another program to be televised. The program represents a kind of collaboration of various artists. In addition, viewers will have an opportunity to see Nika Machaidze’s authoring project “70 missed years”, an attempt to revive historical memories. Davit Bukhrikidze is meanwhile preparing a program on the theater, and Davit Gurgenidze is doing one about the cinema. A program dedicated to the literature will be prepared by Dato Turashvili. We also have Natalya Chkheidze’s project about jazz. All this is novelty for our viewers, yet there will as well be old programs along with the new ones,”- Khunstaria told Media.Ge

სოფო ხუნწარია

Further to that, Artarea intends to prepare a television debates regarding the culture policy. One of the programs will be “Circle of Trust”, which has already been launched within the online television framework. “I believe there will be quite interesting discussions. The program will touch upon the topical issue of the building of Khudon hydro plant. However, all discussions will be held from the cultural standpoint,”- Sopho Khunsaria says.

“Artarea is funded by various funds, which cooperate with the company. The project was first created with the sponsorship of TBC back. Now the company is functioning independently, and its programs are funded by different organizations and the Ministry of Culture. However, as opposed to the website, the Ministry cannot fund programs intended for television broadcasting in accordance with the law on broadcasting. Despite that, Artarea team expresses hope that amendments providing for the funding of branch televisions will be introduced to the law in the future. According to Khuntsaria, covering of culture-related issues must be priority of the state, so that the broader masses of the population have better reach for the art.

Artarea director Sopho Khuntsaria held the position of the head of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Monument Protection of Georgia PR department for several years, and as well worked at TV company Mze.







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