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05.09.2013 14:49

Kakha Baindurashvili’s Plans in Media Business – Interview with TV 3’s Director

Nata Dzvelishvili
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A new player on the Georgian media market emerged in spring of this year. Kakha Baindurashvili former Finance Minister and President of the Georgian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, together with his partners first procured newspaper Commercial Times and then a news agency, and having purchased TV 3 they obtained a radio frequency too. All of the editions within the holding focus on a single thing – business and economy.


TV 3 is owned by Kakha Baindurashvili (9 percent), Lasha Chkhenkeli, Vice President of the Georgian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (30 percent), businessman Davit Mzhavia (51 percent) and Lali Egadze (10 percent). To find out the reason the aforementioned individuals got interested into media field and what novelties are planned to be introduced in TV 3, the ways of funding of the television Media.Ge obtained an interview from Kakha Baindurashvili.

-         Why did you become interested into media and why did you decide to come into this business?

I have been interested in media business for long. My motivation can be divided into two – firstly it’s a comparatively different type of business, a way more creative, you constantly produce new things. Generally I find this kind of activity attractive. Secondly, my first job used to be media and I felt a kind of nostalgia. 

At the very beginning we were thinking of a newspaper, then we started thinking of a television. Having analyzed expanses and profits we decided to launch a specialized television, one of a kind nationwide, and from my viewpoint it did work. We did not do any promo activities, we have been on the market for two months now, under the circumstances we enjoy quite a number of viewers. 

-         Why did opt for TV 3?

We knew it was for sale and we got in touch with them.

-         Now you own a newspaper, news agency, you obtained a license for radio broadcasting. Are you going to procure any other mean of media?

Business is stable when diverse, when you can offer your customer multiple choices. Looking at foreign good practice media business is horizontally developing, this is to say no corporation is a success only through a television, radio or print media. As a rule a single holding embraces it all. This way they also try to minimize expanses.

Even though television ranks first in terms of penetration into society, any media instrument has got its customers, and one instrument cannot cover all type of people. Therefore from the very beginning we had conceptually decided to run other means of media alongside television.

Now we run English-language Commercial Times, Georgian-language Monitor, also English-language Commercial News Agency and Georgian Monitor Info, together with the TV company TV 3. Al of them are oriented on business and economy. The radio to be launched will be of the same nature, the programming though will be more diverse. General news and cognitive programs will be produced as well. Each platform will have an independent editorial policy. 

-         Is the recruitment process at the television already complete? 

The main staff have been recruited. Around 25 programs have been produced. News program runs at a full load, and will soon switch into studio mode. Recruitment at the television is never-ending. The level of staff flow is always rather high. New programs get started, some of them get closed, it’s a lively process.

-         What do you focus on when recruiting staff, what principles are you guided by?

The essential principle is the applicant’s some kind of awareness of economy and business. The choice in Georgia in this regard is rather poor.

-         TV 3 was said to be manned by Imedi and Real TV faces who used to be rather often criticized for the work through the breach of ethical standards.   

Have never heard of anything of this kind. I love re-arranging and splitting journalists. Journalist, from my viewpoint, is a journalist, and s/he is always guided by professional ethics. Working in adherence to standards is highly important to me and I do devote attention to it. In the main journalists came to me from agencies and radio. Real TV did not produce anything related to economy, thus the main nuance – business knowledge they did not have, therefore we would not have hired them.

-         Who is in charge of the news service?

Maia Burtchulashvili has been holding that position for over two months now.

What is going to be the top priority of news service?







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