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04.07.2013 14:34

Rezonansi Journalist Received Letter Containing Threats

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Journalist of the Rezonansi newspaper Zaira Mikatadze has been sent through Facebook a letter containing threats on behalf of Hammad Zaman. The information was published by the Rezonansi in its July 4, 2013 issue.

In the material published by the Rezonansi, journalist Zaira Mikatadze specifies that she’d been sent the aforementioned video link, on behalf on Hammad Zaman, with the following text: “We will exterminate all Georgian crusaders, Jihad comes to Georgia,” –according Mikatadze she’d already informed the investigative bodies of the incident, and was interrogated for that matter.

Videos on behalf on Hammad Zaman were uploaded on Youtube June 5, where alleged Taliban was threatening Georgian soldiers with extermination. According to the Georgian Ministry of Internal Affairs, an investigation has been launched in order to identify the origin of the those videos.

The journalist believes that she’s been sent those videos by Hammad Zaman due to her working on the subject of war and having close relations with the military. “I do not exclude the possibility that I’ve been chosen as the addressee of those videos because the people standing behind that may have expected me to raise a panic in media”- the journalist ponders.







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