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Radio Kommersant – Information about Business

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They talk about business on the FM95.5 frequency of Georgian radio-space. That’s the frequency of radio Kommersant, which got 5 years old in June 2013. The managers of the radio believe that spreading business news the radio, therefore, promotes development of business in Georgia.

“We never do materials that may bring harm to business,”- General Director of radio Kommersant Goga Samushia reported to Media.Ge, - “the more successful Georgian business is, the more successful radio Kommersant is. They understand that our existence is important for them.

The radio launches its newscast every 20 minutes on a daily basis, and at the end of each hour one can listen  to the main newscast.

In spite of the fact that the majority of the information broadcasted in every newscast is almost identical to the information of the previous newscast, the radio, nonetheless, has enough resources to provide listeners with fresh business updates, says Editor of Kommersant Maia Butbaia.

In the program called “Professional”, specialists of concrete disciplines talk about the events taking place in their respective fields. We often invite the Head of the Association of Oil Manufacturers and Importers, President of Banking Association, Director of Constructors Association, as well as specialists working in the fields of PR and human resources management, marketing, legal issues, and payment structures.

Every hour Kommersant launches sports news. “We want to have different kind of sports news, we’re interested in the business side of sport,”- says Director General of the radio.

In addition, the programming of Kommersant as well contains weather forecast, rates of exchange, medical advices, and news regarding automobiles.

For the extended versions of the news broadcasted by the radio, one can visit the website of Kommersant. Though it doesn’t currently work at full capacity, it, however, contains about 20 advertisement banners. Kommersant’s Facebook as well has a Facebook page, which isn’t very active.

The webpage of Kommersant provides information in Georgian, English and Russian, and according to the representatives of the radio, 3 to 4 thousand people visit the page every day.

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During the next few year the radio is planned to be launched in Adjara, Imereti and Kakheti.

”We prefer to provide information to the regions which are familiar with business, so we don’t mean to cover every village- that will be an unnecessary expense for us,”- he says.

The owners of Kommersant

Kommersant is owned by IRAO Development Group, founded by Armaz Tavadze, who’s also Director General of the insurance company ARDI Group, and owns 40% of IRAO Management Group, 30% of ARDI Group, 50% of UniProduct and 30% of the BTL agency “From Hand to Hand”.

Before the war of 2008 , IRAO Invest Group was issuing the “From Hand to Hand” newspaper, being as well the owner of an advertising company and radio “Chveni Radio”.

The History of Kommersant’s Creation

It was in the beginning of 2008 when IRAO Invest Group first launched business news via “Chemi Radio” station. It had been decided then, that it was necessary to provide in-depths coverage of the events taking place in business world, and thus the idea to create a thematic radio emerged.

“Creation of a business radio was determined by the growth of economic activity in the country before the war of 2008,”- recollects Director General of the radio Goga Samushia,- “We carried out an experiment in order to see whether listeners would be interested with that kind of information. We thought that our radio would fit well with the active economic period of the time”.

In the beginning the radio was being broadcasted via the FM 98.4  frequency, but since 2009 has been operating on FM 95.5.

Several months after the creation of the radio the war of 2008 started and affected business environment of the country. Yet Kommersant didn’t cease functioning, and continued to actively broadcast information about economics during the period of war. The number of the radio’s listeners has increased since the August war, and after the economic of 2009 the management of the radio decided to launch some commercial projects.

“We began preparing thematic programs about technical sides of business- automobile industry, insurance,” – Samushia says. Such product made it possible to attract advertisements.

According to Samushia, 2010 has marked new era in the life of the radio, bringing it a degree of financial independence from its founders.

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